The bustling streets of Bundaran HI are currently buzzing with something extraordinary as a captivating series of 3D animatronic videos displayed on electronic billboards along MH Thamrin Streets are set to draw viewers’ attention into the heart of Singapore’s charm. 

Singapore, a city known for its blend of modernity and tradition, is showcasing its charm to Jakarta’s citizens in such a unique way. The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched the ‘Made in Singapore’ campaign, inviting travellers to explore the city’s wonders through mesmerising 3D animatronic videos. This campaign is running until 21 March 2024 and aims to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. 

More than just a visual spectacle, this ‘Made in Singapore’ campaign is proof that Singapore determines to change ordinary moments into immersive experience filled with wonder and fascination, where it will immerse Indonesian travellers to explore Singapore’s uniqueness, from iconic destinations like Gardens by the Bay to hidden gems like Lau Pa Sat and heritage shophouses. 

Terrence Voon, as the Executive Director of Southeast Asia STB, expressed his delight in showcasing Singapore’s best to Jakarta, Indonesia’s top global market for tourist arrivals last year. With almost 2.3 million visitors from Indonesia, Singapore aims to inspire future visits and solidify its position as a favourite tourist destination among Indonesians: “As part of our global campaign, we are delighted to showcase the best of Singapore in the heart of Jakarta. Indonesia was our top global market last year in terms of tourist arrivals, and we want to ride on this momentum to showcase more of what Singapore can offer, inspire future visits, and strengthen our position as a favourite tourist destination for Indonesians.”

Singapore’s tourism industry has seen a remarkable recovery, with International Visitor Arrivals reaching 13.6 million in 2023 and Tourism Revenue estimated to reach between $24.5 to $26 billion. This achievement surpassed STB’s initial projections and was driven by strong collaborations with Indonesian media, brands, and travel partners.

Looking ahead to 2024, Singapore’s vibrant leisure and business events calendar promises to attract even more visitors from Indonesia. From entertainment acts like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars to international business events like Food & Hotel Asia and Medical Fair Asia, and sporting events such as the Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix, Tour de France, Prudential Singapore Criterium, and the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, Singapore offers a diverse array of experiences for Indonesian travellers.

To engage Indonesian travellers further, STB has partnered with famous Indonesian personalities Refal Hadi and Anya Geraldine. Together, they will spearhead an online consumer engagement activity, including a video challenge, where social media users can participate by creating and posting their own ‘Made in Singapore’ twist using the hashtag #TheUnexpectedSG, with six lucky winners earning a trip to Singapore.

With its innovative campaigns and commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences, Singapore continues to capture the hearts of travellers worldwide, inviting them to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

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