Entering the holy month of Ramadhan, Santika Premiere Dyandra Medan prepare a special surprise for Ramadhan Buffet. This year, Santika Medan comes up with Indonesian menu highlight which represent more than 5 islands to share the diversity of Indonesia at Benteng Restaurant. Everyday Santika Medan will provide more than 50 items of food which served in 4 star hotel qualities but still in affordable price.


The Executive Chef, Khairul Adnan said that the moment of breakfasting in this year will bring the joyful theme within “Berkah Ramadhan“ where Santika will present the food in 6 cycles which is always different in each day during Ramadhan. “We want all guests who come to Santika will get encounter the different kind of food each day in a week. They can explore Indonesia by tasting the culinary from Java, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and also the special cuisine of the indigenous culture of Medan such as Batak and Deli Malay. In addition, we also adopt Malay food into our menu as one family”, said Khairul who has been experienced in decades as a Chef. Only with Rp 120.000 net/person, every guest can get enjoy all the appetizer in Santika Traditional Food Market, various salads and fruits, plenty of main course menu, a lot of variety of porridge, and two signature dishes. “We will serve Bubur Pedas from Deli Malay in compound of the richness of spice and flavor as signature dish due to the history. Bubur Pedas was one of the obligatory food in Deli Sultanate’s Family during Ramadhan”, said Khairul.

Khairul added that the signature dish during breakfasting always be the most favorite choice. So special for this year, Chef purposely make two different types of signature dish each day such as Mie Gomak Kuah Pecal, Lontong Katupek Gulai Paku, Es Toge Panyabungan, Malay Noodle and Es Campur Medan. If you only want to taste the Takjil, our valued guests could try a sweet dish appetizer at Vintage Lounge located at the Lobby only Rp 48,000 net/person. "Especially for Takjil Corner, all the guests will be spoiled with famous culinary from the Middle East named Stuff A Pita Pocket. It is a special bread that will be presented in live cooking by Chef and everyone could choose personally for its fillings like Chicken, Beef, vegetables, or even fruits", said Khairul.

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