Moving to a new city –  especially when you have a family to uproot and relocate –  is no easy feat. There are so many things you need to consider, from choosing the right school, to picking the most trusted daycare, to choosing the best place to stay.

Many factors must be taken into account when selecting a new home but comfort should be your highest priority. For this matter, we recommend you to once again take a look at the upcoming Lavish Kemang Residence. Situated strategically in the upscale area of South Jakarta, the residence promises to not only incorporate touches of luxury into your everyday life, but also to offer great convenience to ease your day-to-day activities.

Strategic Location

Kemang is known as a prestigious residential area and is home to hundreds of expatriate families. It is only a stone’s throw away from numerous prominent international schools like the Australian Independent School (AIS), New Zealand Independent School Jakarta, Lycee Francais de Jakarta, and Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS). If you are new in town, you can make new friends by joining various international communities that are based around this area and your little ones can also take advantage of Kemang as it boasts various entertainment spots for kids.

Last but not least, Kemang also offers lively nightlife with its rows of restaurants, cafes and clubs. With this convenience at your fingertips, it’s no exaggeration to say that Lavish Kemang Residence is set to be at the top of many people’s preferred place to live in the capital.

Comprehensive Facilities

Many people in big cities these days prefer to live in apartment complexes for their range of facilities and services. With its rooftop swimming pool, kids’ playground, gym, rooftop restaurants and more, Lavish Kemang Residence exceeds the usual expectations catering to family members of all ages with its integrated facilities.

24-hour Security

Leaving children at home to work sometimes makes parents feel uneasy or even anxious about their safety. Lavish Kemang Residence understands every parent’s concern and is committed to providing maximum security through its 24-hour CCTV cameras in public areas and private elevators to give residents direct access to their apartments in a matter of seconds.

Green Surroundings

Jakarta may have a reputation for traffic and pollution but some properties, like the upcoming  Lavish Kemang Residence, endeavour to create lush green environments in the midst of the urban sprawl. Introduce nature to the children by hanging out at Lavish Kemang’s high-rise park or by marvelling at the beauty of the vertical park together. Residents can also create their own patio gardens on the integrated balconies if they wish.

Lavish Residence

Jl. Kemang Raya No. 78
South Jakarta 12730
Phone: +62 812 9604 5373