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After a three-month revitalisation, Taman Puring now appeals to people of all ages who are looking to relax, spend quality time with family or chase that adrenaline high with a bit of parkour. Nestled at Jalan Kyai Maja, Kebayoran Baru, Taman Puring exudes a new charm, becoming a transit point in the neighbourhood past working hours and an amusement park during the weekend.

Before the city government revamped the park, Taman Puring was neglected. Despite being known as a green open space, Taman Puring looked more like a forbidden forest. Hardly anyone stopped by at the park with its spooky atmosphere just like in the movie Into the Woods.

Since October 2019, the revitalisation brought a significant change to the park,giving it more access to sunlight by cutting overgrown bushes away while maintaining just enough greeneries and shady trees. Some areas are transformed to be a playground for kids with the addition of circular slides, swings and wall climbing.

Jogging track and guiding block for the disabledwere also addedto make it available for anyone to enjoy some leisure time in the park. A special site for skateboarding and parkour becomes popular among youth, with a regular crowd flocking in the afternoon. 

Grande Park

The current development of Taman Puring ispart of the city government programme in opening Grande Park (Taman Grande), a designated park for a transit hub with elevated facilities and strategic location, built along with Taman Mataram in the same district. In 2020, the city government also build other grande parks, including Taman Langsat, Taman Tebet and Taman Cempaka. 

Taman Grande is developed byadoptingthe characteristics of their surroundings. While Taman Puring is established as a family park, Taman Mataram is designed to showcase art, outdoor fitness and also functioned as sustainable urban drainage using bioswale. These two new parks are added to the current 1,851 green open spaces across Jakarta.

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Taman Puring

Jalan Kyai Maja, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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