Indonesia has a long history of fashion, which has helped influence both established and emerging designers specialize in bridal design. Their collections are worn by a number of celebrities and prominent people who add a bit of panache to their designs.

Indonesian Designer Didiet Maulana with his personalised wedding dress inspired by Torajan culture. Didiet Maulana's File/NOW!JAKARTA

These designers feature different concepts and signature looks, most of which are inspired by the traditional kebaya to contemporary designs. Helmed by fashion houses, the designers work closely with clients to produce original wedding attire based on their preference.

Anne Avantie
Renowned Indonesian designer Anne Avantie designs wedding dresses and gowns keeping with the brand’s DNA which is inspired by Indonesia’s heritage. Helmed by Roemah Pengantin by Anne Avantie, the fashion house embraces the Indonesian wedding ceremony buoyed by family tradition and culture. Anne Avantie’s bridal collection has become one of the most expensive pieces.


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Anne Avantie’s work involves traditional textiles especially batik and uses reconstructed traditional Javanese kebaya. The dresses feature a tight silhouette which exposes the natural curves of the body. The opulent designs are frequently finished with lace and other embellishments.

Using Biyan for the bridal attire is like actualising the dream of a fairytale wedding. Globally recognised for its feminine design, Biyan’s bridal collection shapes a woman’s beauty and elegance. Many of the designs are dominated by classic white as well as nuanced combinations of the modern and traditional.


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Biyan’s classic dress incorporates lace, chiffon, organza, and tulle which are tailored like a regal dress. Also known for its craftsmanship, Biyan’s dresses feature beaded designs which light up the bride’s aura.

Hian Tjen
Modern and classic yet contemporary alluring is the definition of Hian Tjen bridal design that attracts women who want to feel absolutely beautiful on their wedding day. Using a combination of white, slate blue, cream and other pastel colours, Tjen creates modern wedding gowns with simplicity, by optimising its sartorial layers.

Mostly produced from lace and ballerina tulle with subtle beading, Tjen make different kinds of gowns which mostly emphasise the woman’s shoulder, completed with a cape. It’s seamless but true royalty.

Didiet Maulana
Didiet Maulana is a master of twisting modern with traditional tailoring. Through his brand IKAT  which uses indigenous textiles, Maulana designs bridal attire, for both bride and groom. Maulana’s designs reflect the connection between the couple who celebrate their love without losing their cultural identity.


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The wedding dress does not appear traditional but one can recognise the identity, either Javanese, Mollucan, or Minangkabau. For couples who want a more classic traditional dress, Didiet Maulana can tailor it for you.

Barli Asmara
Barli Asmara’s first appearance launched his name in the world of bridal designers. He designs a variety of wedding dresses with different cuts to emphasise many different personalities. He loves white which has become both a challenge and his signature which makes the dress stand out.


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His idea for wedding dress designs is contemporary, by elevating the power of the classic white gown. It’s really brilliant to see Asmara create dresses that symbolise certain nuances, from the Greek Goddess to the Diva who embraces sequins and fringes.

Rintang Azhar

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