Cathay Airways’s enriched on-board library allows passengers to enjoy a true entertainment experience on every flight. Photo courtesy of Qatar Airways/NOW!JAKARTA

If one travels with a long-haul flight, on-board entertainment is the go-to option to pass the time. World leading international airlines, Cathay Pacific have invested in entertainment and lifestyle content on its media to enhance the customer experience as it continues to fulfil its ‘Move Beyond’ brand promises.

As passengers are only able to access entertainment using cellular data in limited time, the Hong Kong-based aviation brand has raised the quality of its inflight entertainment where passengers can look forward to more newly released movies, more sports coverage, more complete box sets and more Asian content than ever before. Easily accessed with a fingertip, passengers are able to watch newly available live coverage of the latest sports events to ensure one will never miss any of their favourite games when they fly with Cathay.

Cathay Pacific Country Manager Indonesia, Chris Bowden says, “With all this new high-quality entertainment to enjoy, passengers could fly non-stop around the world 45 times and never have to watch the same thing twice, making every flight a truly unique experience. There is always new, exciting content to explore and passengers will not have to worry to deal with a long hour flight.”

All-star Asian content
Cathay Pacific has one of the largest libraries of Asian content of any airline in the world, offering the very best in HD movies, TV collections and worldwide exclusive titles. Passengers can now also explore specially curated collections compiled by renowned celebrities and entertainment experts.

Unforgettable live moments
More good news for sports fans as Cathay Pacific has partnered with channel Sport 24 to offer customers flying on the airline’s state-of-the-art Airbus A350 aircraft live coverage of the best sporting events from around the world, including Rugby World Cup Finals. Cathay also provides live coverage of the biggest sports celebrations, such as Tokyo Olympics and the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens while flying in the air.

A cinema in the sky
Cathay Pacific passengers can be among the first to see the latest blockbuster films from around the world, with a huge number of new movies added every month that are currently— or even upcoming—showing in movie theatres. Cathay Pacific and independent streaming service MUBI have sourced remastered classics and films that never made it to the local cinema for you to discover.

From start to finish
Cathay Pacific is one of the first airlines to offer multi-season box sets that allows passengers to binge-watch award-winning drama series, starting with the pilot episode all the way through to the latest season finale. Combined with branded channels from HBO, Cathay Pacific customers can be sure there’s always a new series for them to enjoy right from the very beginning.

Enjoying inflight entertainment at Cathay Airways. 

As a part of its constantly developing inflight entertainment, the airline keeps enhancing passenger experience, including offering on-board internet access as the majority of the airline’s fleet will be Wi-Fi-enabled by 2020.

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