After the end-of-year festivities, Chinese communities around the globe are keeping the celebratory spirit alive by celebrating Chinese New Year which falls on January 28 this year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai From Teratai Chinese Restaurant (2) Food undoubtedly plays an important role during the Chinese New Year celebration. There are certain dishes to be served at every home, not only to satisfy the taste buds, but because they have a special meaning as they allegedly bring good luck and prosperity in the upcoming year. If you are too busy to prepare the festive food by yourself, head to Hotel Borobudur Jakarta’s Teratai Chinese Restaurant to indulge in their authentic Chinese New Year feast. Whether you celebrate it or not, being part of the Chinese New Year tradition is a fascinating experience. A series of delicious delicacies is prepared carefully by Teratai’s kitchen team to provide its guests with the true New Year’s spirit. Gong Xi Fa Cai From Teratai Chinese Restaurant (1) Let’s start with the famous Yi Shang or raw fish salad. Yi Shang is a significant dish for the New Year and other celebrations in Chinese culture. Consisting of fresh salmon strips mixed with colorful shredded vegetables and a selection of sauces and condiments, Yi Shang is believed to symbolize prosperity and abundance, therefore its preparation must follow certain rituals and prayers, so anyone who eats it can get the best out of the salad. Your wait staff will prepare this dish at your table attentively including its prayers so don’t forget to repeat after them to make your wish come true this year! The feast then continues with the exotic Braised shark’s Fin soup with crab and bamboo fungus, followed by various main courses like braised spiked sea cucumber, Crispy Roasted Duck, Pan-fried Australian Beef Tenderloin with black pepper sauce, Special Fried Rice wrapped in lotus leaves, and the exquisite Steamed Sultan fish with chopped minced garlic. Although each of them has its own uniqueness in terms of taste, our personal favourite was the Steamed Sultan fish; its tender and sweet meat perfectly matches the garlic seasonings which deliciously melt in your mouth. Gong Xi Fa Cai From Teratai Chinese Restaurant (3) After those rather heavy meals, cleanse your palate with Red Bean Cream with black sesame glutinous ball and of course the famous Chinese Glutinous Cake or Nian Gao. Just like Yi Shang, Nian Gao is also an important dish for every Chinese celebration as it is the symbol of ‘the higher year’. Teratai’s special Chinese New Year menus are available for 15 days, starting from January 27. The restaurant will surely be packed during this season, so we’d suggest you to make reservations.

Teratai Chinese Restaurant

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