Christmas holidays are around the corner and Hong Kong Disneyland brings excitement to Grand Indonesia, Jakarta’s biggest mall. As the nearest Disney theme park to Indonesia, Hong Kong Disneyland will enchant visitors to the mall by providing a glimpse into its festive and miraculous Christmas celebration.

From 30 November to 7 January, several areas of the mall will be transformed into a little Hong Kong Disneyland with opulent Christmas decoration and appearances by the most famous Disney characters.

To add to the excitement, visitors are given the opportunity to visit the real Hong Kong Disneyland. In collaboration with Panorama JTB Tours, the company will provide flash sales for its Hong Kong Disneyland Package, which includes 2-night accommodation and a 1-day ticket to the theme park. Visitors can also participate in a social media competition to win a holiday at Hong Kong Disneyland by taking photos at one of Santa Goofy’s displays at the East Mall Lower Ground and Upper Ground.

"We are excited about the biggest Christmas celebration at Grand Indonesia presented by Hong Kong Disneyland. Visitors can enjoy a wondrous Christmas experience with their family and friends. Our Atrium will turn into a nuanced Disney city with a giant Christmas tree and other Disney-themed Christmas decorations," said Kantoro Permadi, Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at Grand Indonesia.

From 16 November to 1 January 2018, Hong Kong Disneyland will turn into a winter wonderland, with Christmas carols, sparkling lights and snow. Santa Goofy will prepare special postcards for visitors who want to send letters to all corners of the world through special post boxes. Mickey and his friends will wear lively attire and invite visitors to enjoy the show "Mickey and Friends Christmastime Ball".

Hong Kong Disneyland offers over 100 attractions and entertainment in seven thematic areas, providing a magical Disney experience for visitors of all ages. Some of the most popular attractions include "Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars" and "Iron Man Experience".

The theme park also provides a wide selection of halal-certified food in its Main Street Market area, the Explorer's Club Restaurant in the Mystic Point area, as well as at restaurants at three Disney hotels.

Randy Wojcik, Creative Director of Entertainment and Costuming, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort expects more Indonesian visitors to come to Hong Kong Disneyland after catching a glimpse of Disney's Christmas celebrations at Grand Indonesia.

“Hong Kong Disneyland is happy to bring early Christmas celebrations to Grand Indonesia. Christmas [provides the ultimate] holiday atmosphere, therefore Hong Kong Disneyland will provide the most lively and miraculous Christmas experience,” Wojcik said.

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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