The Indonesia Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) is dedicated to serving the Indonesian-Canadian business community.

The organization represents the general interests of Canadian businesses to the Indonesian government. Furthermore, ICCC provides information and analysis on business trends in Indonesia, hosts events that allows participants to gain more insight and discuss business in the two countries and organizes social networking events such as luncheons and breakfast briefings in order to bring its members closer together.

The majority of ICCC members are Canadians doing business in Indonesia, but the organization also includes members from around the world, many from its host country Indonesia. One of ICCC’s most important aims is to be a “bridge”, either between representatives of various business interests or between business and government.

ICCC was formed through the merging of two existing independent organizations, namely the Canadian Business Association, which largely represented Canadian business people in Indonesia, and the Indonesia Canada Business Council, which mainly consisted of Indonesian business people interested in closer business ties with Canada. Feeling that much effort was duplicated, it was agreed that one strong organization was preferable to two smaller ones, and both organizations decided to merge.

Subsequently ICCC has expanded operations and now also represents Canadian business interests in the International Business Chamber. This group actively lobbies the Indonesian government to ensure that the views of international businesses are heard when new legislation or regulations are being discussed.

ICCC promotes and encourages trade, investment and other economic relations between Indonesia and Canada, particularly in the private sector, and represents – in an objective manner – the views, interests and concerns of members of the Chamber. It also helps to promote intercultural relations between the people of Indonesia and Canada, provides practical assistance and information in support of new and existing business opportunities and value-added services to its membership in the form of publications, business meetings and trade and investment missions. Last but not least, it focuses on continuous improvement and extended services provided to its members.

ICCC also has a small group of Patrons, appointed by the BOM. These Patrons are individuals who have made a meaningful contribution to the Chamber, or to relations between Indonesia and Canada. They increase the Chamber’s credibility and profile, and serve as valuable resources as needed.

The Chamber has two categories of annual membership, Individual and Corporate. No joining fee is required. All ICCC members receive full rights and privileges of membership and a special member rate to all ICCC events. The corporate membership includes three different classes: Maple, Oak and Pine, representing popular trees found in Canada, recognized for value, durability and reliability – all of which are important attributes to an organization that needs to withstand any circumstances and remain relevant.

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