The World’s Most Valued Business (MVB) Indonesia recently held the second CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) seminar. With the theme CSR as a Risk Mitigating Tool, the seminar aimed to raise awareness among organisations to include CSR programs in their everyday business practice in Indonesia. This seminar, held at Raffles Hotel Jakarta, was attended by top representatives of many organizations in Indonesia such as HERO Group, Brother Indonesia, CCAI, Grundfos, Panorama Tour & Travel, Westpac, Kiroyan Partners, Bank Muamalat, Vivere, Trakindo, Olympic Group, Ernst & Young Indonesia, BAGUS Group, Perum PERURI, as well as The Danish and The Netherlands Chambers of Commerce.

The Importance of CSR in Business Practice (6)

MVB Indonesia invited two expert speakers, Tony Simmonds (International Relations Director) and Maria Nindiya Radyati (Executive Director), from the Centre for Entrepreneurship Change & Third Sector (CECT) of Trisakti University Jakarta. “CSR is not only a seasonal social action, but needs to be planned and done as a continual commitment. Basically, CSR is a form of responsibility initiated by any organisation towards the impacts of their business activities,” said Maria Nindiya Radyati. Tony Simmonds also emphazised that CSR holds an important role in developing business growth and can even be used as a risk mitigation tool for the management, reducing business risks by careful CSR planning.

In addition, the seminar was also attended by Miroslav Dijakovic from Contained Energy Indonesia who talked about the importance of solar energy as an alternative energy resource in the future.

The Importance of CSR in Business Practice

During the seminar, all participants were actively involved in an open discussion on how CSR should be applied and the challenges faced by each represented organisation. The speakers also shared some valuable insights on how CSR as a strategy to reduce social and enviromental threats against an organisation.

The seminar was part of a series of luncheon seminars that are scheduled to be held every month by MVB Indonesia. The seminars are part of MVB Indonesia’s efforts to stay true to their core commitment to foster “Corporate Sustainability” and “Best Business Practices” in Indonesia through highlighting, encouraging and publicising businesses that are genuinely trying to do the right thing.

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