Jakarta’s restaurant scene is burgeoning, and the range of options available to diners increasingly daily. NOW! Jakarta’s Best Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Awards (BRBCA) was created to encourage diners to choose their favourite establishments and help identify the best. 

Conceived to recognise and reward the great successes in the culinary industry, whether it be from innovative cooking, to unique cocktails; dining room design to excellent service, NOW! Jakarta’s Best Restaurant, Bar & Cafe Awards is the best platform to allow fair and open competition.

We believe that NOW! Jakarta’s Best Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Awards are the most respected and transparent in the industry because the winners are voted for by our very own readers, and generate regular diners, and the voting takes place online in front of your eyes!

With 18 main categories, ranging from best restaurants in specific cuisines to bars, lounges and cafes, you have the chance to vote for some of your favourite dining establishments.

With so many choices before you, we invite you to participate – and to share this information with your friends, family and colleagues. But first, make sure your favourite restaurant, bar or cafe is registered. If not, give them a call and remind them! It’s online and it’s easy.

For more information and to see the list of categories and the terms and conditions, log on to best.nowjakarta.co.id  


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NOW! Jakarta

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