After its triumph in Bali, Jagad Gallery is now opening a new branch in Jakarta at Wisma Geha, Lt. 2, Jl. Timor 25, Menteng. 

Officially inaugurated on Saturday, 28th January 2023 by a senior architect and founder of Endramukti Design, Hidajat Wardhana Endramukti. Jagad Galerry is kicking off this new chapter by exhibiting the works of 13 contemporary Indonesian artists in an exhibition titled “Ungkap Jagad” featuring Awang Behartawan, Pranagung, Ipan Lasuang, Budi Ubrux, Dadi Setiadi, Daniel Kho, Elyezer, Koeboe Sarawan, Made Kenak Dwi Adnyana, Mufti Handayani, Ivan Sagita, Agapetus, and Slamet W. This installation is curated by Wahyudin, a Yogyakarta-based curator and writer. 

Founded in 2015 in Seminyak, Bali, Jagad Gallery operates by highlighting “fringe” artists who are not yet widely known in the “mainstream” world of Indonesian art. This commitment is supported by the working principle of building strong relations between the gallery, the artists and potential buyers or collectors, all of whom are willing to experience a journey to grow together, build mutual trust, and mutual prosperity. Transparency from all parties in negotiations and the purchase of artwork is firmly implemented to create a long-lasting bond and trust that is certainly a vital quality to have in order to maintain the sustainability of the gallery as a platform that connects artists and their consumers. 

Regarding the works of the artists and visual artists displayed, Wahyudin shared his perspective; that “imagination—which materializes in works of art—is not a simple matter for fine arts. It is also the language, the image, and the media—which enable them to express personal views about events and characters, with all their colours into the world. By this, we may believe that works of art embody the artist’s perception of how they look at the world and all its contents. 

Through the existence of the new Jagad Gallery in Jakarta, it is hoped that the gallery could help to advance the promotion and exposure of less-known Indonesian artists and visual artists.

Jagad Gallery  Wisma Geha, Lt. 2, Jl. Timor 25, Menteng. 

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