The largest dessert festival in Indonesia, Jakarta Dessert Week (JDW) was founded to support the pastry and culinary industry in the country, as well as to provide a unique platform for culinary business in Jakarta, to showcase their work and innovation to the city’s gastronomes.

From 25 September to 22 October, Jakarta Desert Week returns for its fifth edition, promising sweet enthusiasts a scrumptious adventure and foray into the fabulous pastry and dessert creations of renowned chefs.

JDW 2023 presents the theme ‘Folklore’ for this year’s programme, challenging dessert creators to tell a story, explore fables and myths and present nostalgic experiences. Folklore opens opportunities to dive into famed stories of Indonesia and the world, be it Hansel & Gretel, Timun Mas (the golden cucumber), Asal Mula Selat Bali (the origin of the strait of Bali), or Momotaro.

The new destination, Aloha PIK has been appointed for Dessert Market this year, featuring more than 30 emerging brands and SMEs. Visitors can immerse themselves in the middle of the white sands in a plethora of delicious sweets provided by more than 30 booths, such as Oma Elly Gelato, Doughzen Doughnut, Gelato Secrets, etc. This program is also available at Sarinah Thamrin (Ground Floor, Main Road area) to give appreciation to Indonesian sweets and dessert beverages that focus on emerging brands and SMEs. There are 12 booths and visitors can enjoy Pisang Ijo Cendana, Bagai Mendapat Durian Runtuh, Martabak Amaw’s, Goes Es Goyang Kenangan, and others.

Finally, the public (open for Jabodetabek) can also take part in the event online through its program, Tokopedia x JDW where they can discover 50 brands from various merchants (restaurant e-commerce and home industries).

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