Picture of Arey Barker
Arey Barker. Photo courtesy of NOW! Bali/NOWJAKARTA

If you are considering a bartending career or gain the knowledge of a mixologist, you’re going to need to know the history behind spirits and liqueurs. NOW! Bali has curated articles and video series namely Behind the Bar, highlighting the science of cocktail making of Bali’s most popular bars and clubs.

As Bali is gracefully expanding tradition and innovation, one thing is clear – perfection is now expected. Widely known as a home to Indonesia’s most innovative venues for cocktails and sunset, Bali offers unparalleled drinking experience and entertainment.

In cocktail culture, hospitality is the new black. A good cocktail when mixed well with the right amount of concoction and ice can be the absolute crowd-pleaser. NOW! Bali’s Behind the Bar provides the history of mixologists, sommeliers and flair bartenders sharing their insights behind the freshness of cocktail ingredients, notion, and routine and of course a flavor compound. As you delve into all of that – cocktail masters advancing their craft and curating the guest experience – keep your curiosity alive and stay tuned to NOW! Bali’s YouTube Channel.

Picture of Yudhistira Racik
Yudhistira Racik. Photo courtesy of NOW! Bali/NOWJAKARTA

Yudhistira Racik, better known as the Romeos Bar Ambassador, is one-part pierced warrior, one-part cuddly bear, mixed with vodka and served with flair. As an example is the Cristalized Angel, inspired by Klepon, a typical Indonesian dessert. So in addition to a creative concoction to whet your whistle, Cristalized Angel can also be the dessert to conclude your meal any time of the day at this celebrated Legian restaurant. 

Meanwhile, Arey Barker from Bikini Bali reflects on one of his signature cocktails, For Fig’s Sake, where he makes a little twist of the Boulevardier, with fig and cinnamon in the whisky. Then to extend the taste, he adds coffee and cherry, with these ingredients being made through the sous vide machine.

Along with NOW! Bali’s Behind the Bar, our sister NOW! Jakarta has also launched its latest culinary programme called Fresh from the Chef’s Table, giving a whole new cooking and dining encounters for food nerds and culinary enthusiasts. Subscribe to NOW! Bali and NOW! Jakarta YouTube Channels and watch the full episode of these cocktail and chef masters.

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