Inspired by the variety and richness of the country’s cuisine, Intercontinental Jakarta Pondok Indah has invited three renowned Indonesian celebrity chefs to create an exclusive banquet centred on the flavours of Indonesia in their special food program called Mahamangsa.

“Mahamangsa”, a Kawi or old Javanese word that refers to “the food of kings”, is the theme of Intercontinental Jakarta Pondok Indah’s highlight food program, taking place at the hotel’s Sugar & Spice restaurant. The ‘Mahamangsa’ meals were exceptional culinary delights, relished exclusively by the king and his family during the era of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom, the largest Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in the Indonesian archipelago, while the rest of the kingdom was prohibited from indulging in such luxuries.

Now, at Sugar & Spice, these royal feasts are no longer reserved for royalty. Called to channel these ancient and revered flavours are Chef Degan Septojadji, Chef Marinka and Chef Yuda Bustara – three of Indonesia’s most celebrated chefs and cooking personalities.

Each chef will present their own take on the Mahamangsa experience for one month, bringing different flavours and inspirations into their culinary creations. Chef Marinka’s menu will be available in July; Chef Yuda Bustara takes over for August; and Chef Degan Septoadji brings his Indonesian culinary skills throughout September.

Some highlights from each chef:

Chef Marinka presents ‘Sapi Masak Merah’, a modernised version of an Aceh-origin puff pastry stuffed with slow-cooked short ribs. This is served with Bir Jawa, (a Javanese herbal drink made from ginger, lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon, pandan leaves, sugar, water, and lime juice that was known as the favourite beverage of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII, one of the rulers of Islamic Mataram.

Chef Yuda’s highlight is ‘Soup Tunjang Khas Riau with Beef empal truffle’, as well as Jimbaran-style grilled seafood. Whilst Chef Degan Septoadji presents a Crispy-Skinned Salmon served with Colo-Colo Sambal, Potato Fritter and Lemon Basil, and Es Jahe Angkringan (street food-style iced ginger)/

This special ‘Mahamangsa‘ buffet dining experience will take place every Saturday evening, 6 to 10 pm, starting from 1 July 2023.  Prices start from IDR 528,000++ per person.

For more information or reservation, please call +62 21 3950 7355 or +62 811 1037 355, email:

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