As 2016 comes to an end, many experts in the fashion and beauty industry are beginning to roll out predictions for the new year. Men’s hair trends are no exception. Although often associated with women, beauty and grooming rituals are now widely embraced by modern men. We asked Jakarta-based celebrity hair stylist Kieffer Lippens about what’s hot and what’s not for men in 2017.

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By way of New York, London and Rome, the Dutch-born professional hairdresser now arrived in Jakarta. Lippens leads a hectic schedule filled with photo shoots and hairstyling appointments with high-profile and celebrity clients—a long list that include, among others, Indonesian movie star Dian Sastrowardoyo, singer/actress Bunga Citra Lestari and singer Agnez Mo.

It’s an exciting year ahead, according to Lippens. “Based on what I saw from the latest New York Fashion Week, men’s hairstyles in the upcoming year are all about effortless yet bolder, more evolving and upgraded,” he says.

Thanks to the existence of new, modern and quirky barbershops around town, we can expect a continuation of creative experiments among the younger crowd.

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“With the support of various barber shops, young men these days are more open to new experiments with their hair. However, keep in mind to always adjust your hair cut with your facial features and hair type. In 2017, matte hairstyle will start to make its way to become a trend and change the glossy style. Upper length was also big this year but we can expect shorter hair styling to become more popular in 2017,” Lippens says.

When it comes to hair styling, basic grooming naturally plays an important role. Whether you’re a woman or a man, healthy hair is an asset, and it takes an effort to keep your hair looking good.

“Men tend to like more practical and quick hair treatments, so the products they use are mostly focusing on scalp refreshment. My suggestion is to have a basic grooming kit that can easily be used anytime, like a comb, shave kit and dry shampoo. For those who like a sleek hair style, a tube of pomade or gel hair at your office desk also can come in handy,” Lippens says.

And now, to all the men out there, here are some rules to maintain, in order to keep 2017 free from bad hair days.

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Men Hair Care Dos

Choose a style that matches your facial features
Before experimenting with a new style, consult your hairdresser. Take into account the shape of your face, your neck length and the shape of your jaw line. Choose a trusted barber who has the expertise to help you find a great cut. When in doubt, say no.

Learn how to style your hair for special occasions
Different occasions deserve different styles. Broaden your reference by looking up credible sources or ask experts for basic styling skills.

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Apply shampoo on dry hair
If you use hair gel or wax regularly, cleaning the greasy residue from your hair can be challenging. The best way to take the remaining gel out of your hair after a long day is to apply shampoo directly on dry hair, massage it and then rinse it off to breakdown the oily product.

Go for regular trims
Schedule a regular trip to your barbershop, because when left untrimmed for a long time, your hair is likely to develop split ends. By trimming unhealthy split ends, hair will have less breakage and flyaways. It will also make hair appear to grow faster because the hair will break less and grow longer in a shorter amount of time.

Protect your hair in the pool
Chlorine has a bad effect on your hair, so make sure that you apply a little bit of conditioner or just simply wet your hair before jumping into the pool to dilute the adverse effect of chlorine.

Men Hair Care Don’ts

Apply wax from the front
Many people apply gel or hair wax from the front to the backside of their head. This could cause the product look heavier in the front, which is not really good and healthy. It is better to start from the backside so the product will spread evenly and you’ll end up with a more natural look.

Overuse hair product
Keep it natural. Overusing any hair product can make your hair vulnerable and easy to split. Always start with a small amount of product and add more only if required.

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Use hair gel for thinning hair
If you have thinning hair—a common problem for men aged 40 and above—switch your wax to matte finish products that can absorb light and make your hair look a bit thicker instantly. A shorter haircut is also recommended if you have thinning hair, so it will look fuller.

Over washing your hair
Washing your hair too much can cause dryness. The right frequency depends on your hair type and how much you’re sweating. To prevent dry hair, the use of hair conditioner is highly recommended as it can make your hair look naturally healthy.

Go for hot showers too much
Hot water can dehydrate your hair and make it more fragile. On the contrary, cold water constricts the blood capillaries in the scalp so it can receive the nutrients from the shampoo or conditioner more optimally.