Jakarta Aquarium & Safari (JAQS) is buzzing with excitement as they introduce their newest family members, the adorable and playful seals! Visitors now say hello to these charming sea mammals in Zone 13, specially designed to accommodate the aquatic wonders of JAQS.

Found inside Neo Soho Jakarta, Jakarta Aquarium & Safari is a place to discover wildlife in the heart of the city. Featuring 3,500 species of aquatic and non-aquatic wildlife, this conservation-meets-education hub has become a family-favourite destination.

Joining this wildlife wonderland are the latest family of seals, including Holy, a jovial 60kg seal, housed in a designated area where visitors can watch as she swims, eats and plays. Incorporated into the experience are interesting seal facts, helping visitors to learn more about this special animal. What’s more, JAQS has created an interactive experience with their ‘Seal-iciously Adorable’ photobooth invites visitors to take memorable photos and get a free sticker if they post and tag @jakartaaquarium during the special launch. Available in limited quantities at the Ocean Wonder cashier.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Seals to Jakarta Aquarium & Safari! Their presence adds a new dimension to JAQS, allowing visitors to witness these charming creatures up close without enduring the outdoor elements,” says Natalia Poetri Handayani, Marketing Communication Manager at Jakarta Aquarium & Safari. “To enhance your weekend holiday as we enter Ramadan, we invite you to get up close and learn about Seals with our JAQSbuddies in the newest zone, Zone 13.”

After getting acquainted with the Seals, explore the other wonders of this family-friendly destination. You’ll find a boutique aquarium and a mini safari, offering a blend of education and entertainment for all ages. Take photos with various animals such as snakes, macaw birds, bamboo sharks, crocodile skinks, starfish, and more. For those interested in feeding animals directly, visitors can feed stingrays, binturongs, and Humboldt penguins while watching them joyfully swim. The destination’s spectacular shows, “Guardian of The River” and “Pearl of The South of the Sea” Mermaid Show, are not to be missed, showcasing a blend of land and sea performances.

Further to that, you’ll find many photo-worthy spots around the indoor park with a 360-degree swirl tank, tunnel decorations, and the super fun Step It Up game! Try Aquatrekking and Funtasy Diving, dive with thousands of charming aquatic animals.

Finally, JAQS also features unique food and beverage establishments including an underwater dining experience at Anemone Dining with sharks and large rays in the background, or eat beside a colony of penguins at Pingoo Restaurant.

For the best visit, join the VIP Experience where the JAQS Buddies (tour guides) will privately introduce you and your family to the marine and land animals, provide front-row seats for mermaid shows and penguin parades, and help capture as many photos as possible at all iconic JAQS spots.

Jakarta Aquarium and Safari 
Neo Soho Mall at Podomoro City, Jakarta Barat
+62 21 2789 3435 | 0811 1111 2586

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