The award-winning rooftop restaurant at Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort, Moonlite Kitchen & Bar, proudly unveiled its new menu on 1 March 2023. Created by the resort’s new Executive Chef, Nyoman Gede Wardana, whose expertise in Balinese, Indonesian, and Asian cuisine ensures authenticity in every dish. This menu is inspired by the lunar calendar, making it the perfect pair for sipping your favourite cocktail or wine while you revel in the beautiful sunset overlooking Seminyak Beach. 

This new menu is separated into different sections, named after the phases of the moon and each featuring a unique variety of dishes. The journey begins with the ‘Waxing Crescent’, with lighter and fresher dishes before moving on to the ‘First Quarter’, a selection of soups. The ‘Waxing Gibbous’ menu displays an array of comfort food dishes, while the ‘Full Moon’ section highlights Moonlite Kitchen & Bar’s signature dishes. Make your last stop at the New Moon section for seasonal and locally-sourced, produce-focused desserts. 

Moonlite Kitchen & Bar’s signature dishes include the Balinese Crispy Duck, Bali Baby Pork Ribs, Pomelo and Seafood Salad, Jackfruit Rendang, Bebek Mesantan, Ayam Mekalas Ala Chef Nyoman, Coral Reef  Red Snapper Fillet, Pulung Pulung Ubi, and Vanilla Panacota, all served with beautiful presentation and delicious flavours. The prices range between IDR 85,000 to IDR 375,000, while beverages start from  IDR 60,000. Moonlite Kitchen & Bar also offers signature cocktails, such as Black Snow, Black Rosca,  Black Mamba, and Black Island, which enhance the taste and flavour. 

Executive Chef Nyoman’s experience in the culinary industry spans more than 20 years, and with his knowledge of Asian cuisine, Chef Nyoman along with his team, have ensured that every bite is bursting with regional flavours. Each dishes is given a contemporary twist, sourcing the freshest ingredients.

Head to Moonlite Kitchen & Bar for this new dining experience, while enjoying the stunning views over Seminyak Beach.

For Reservations:  +62 361 737773 | | @moonlitebali

Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort
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