People of the world have done admirably well in the face of a global crisis that affects all. Communities are coming together to support essential workers. Individuals are more globally connected than ever thanks to heightened virtual activities. We are learning more about ourselves as we stand together, supporting each other.

The NOW! Jakarta Hotel Catalogue is our way of sharing positive vibes. We know the good times will come back. Even before then, there are those in the tourism and hospitality industry who are still doing their utmost to provide a slice of life that we crave—nay, aspire—while observing the strictest health and safety regulations. This is guide is also dedicated to these individuals. 

We all know our beloved city of Jakarta has a lot to offer in terms of dining, retreat, short staycations and even long, indulgent stays. Think about enjoying such times again as you flip through our compilation of hotel promotions, split by area, which you can easily click to pursue further as you book your future holiday. Remember, this may be the only time you will see these attractive prices!

Know that by booking, you are helping the industry survive one of its most dire hours. We are on the brink of recovery from the global pandemic. Where will you be when everyone is celebrating the new world by going on their dream urban vacation? The time is right. Have fun browsing and don’t forget to book yours.

NOW! Jakarta

NOW! Jakarta

The article is produced by editorial team of NOW!Jakarta