For many years, Phoenix Communications has supported a variety of organisations who have worked towards improving the lives of disadvantaged communities. Throughout the year we work with these organisations by conveying their message through our many platforms. As part of our year-end activities, we joined hands with our clients in the F&B industry to support charities of their choice.

As the part of Care for People Project, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta participated in Cake Charity event, organised by NOW!JAKARTA. Photo by Raditya Fadilla, Dandi Amirullah/NOW!JAKARTA

This season, NOW! Jakarta’s editorial team shared the joy of Christmas with those less fortunate. Hotels and industry partners chose a charity they wanted to support. Their team baked a beautiful cake and brought it to the organisation’s location where they shared it with recipients and participated in a few activities. We highlight these organisations here, and the creations presented by the hotels’ pastry teams.

Carrying the focus on education and healthcare, EMBRACE is Shangri-La’s Care for People Project. The hotel has invested a ten-year partnership in a form of ethical and responsible benefits with a local organisation or school in the community embracing positive features of life that meet their physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

Among local communities is Putranusa Foundation that has been a part of Shangri-La’s Care for People since January 2018. The hotel set up The Sewing Program as the spotlight of this year’s objective in which a series of sewing classes were given to the orphans. The EMBRACE flagship project will be held between October and mid of December. Not only did the hotel conducted sewing classes but also handed over two sewing machines and one obras machine to the foundation.

The concept of the initiative was to develop entrepreneurship by sharing knowledge between employees and the orphans. Many positive things happened over the year of partnerships such as refurbishment for kitchen, bedrooms makeover, food storage, canopy, meeting points, iron cupboards, bunk beds, mattress bed sheets, regular medical check-up. What’s ahead for the EMBRACE project is to provide English classes for the orphans.

The cake was a Sultan Nougat, with layers of nougat sponge, dark chocolate mousse and praline mousse, one of  SATOO Deli’s signature cakes.


The hotel visited SAAJA (Sekolah Alternatif Anak Jalanan).

The festive season is in full force. This year Raffles sponsored underprivileged youth in need, to celebrate the season of charitable giving. The hotel visited SAAJA (Sekolah Alternatif Anak Jalanan), an alternative school for the less fortunate children. During the event, 47 kids enjoyed colouring pages followed by a giant of rectangular chocolate cake with colourful decorations. It was a gathering full of happiness and the children were delighted.


The Sultan hotel chose to support Yayasan Griya Asih, a home for street children in Central Jakarta.

The Sultan hotel chose to support Yayasan Griya Asih, a home for street children in Central Jakarta. The organisation’s mission is to create a safe space for children up to the age of 17. Here, they are given basic education and vocational training to help equip them for the world of work when they enter adulthood. During the visit, the children gathered around and performed a series of songs. They were then handed presents—a lunch box and water container set—along with the large cake that was baked by the pastry chef of the hotel. The hotel’s pastry chef prepared a chocolate sponge cake with sugar frosting. The large sheet cake also featured mini houses as part of the decorations, which the children enjoyed.

It may have been pouring rain in Bintaro but the joy and happiness at Asrama Bina Yatim dan Duafa Al-Abqo Amanah (Jalan Jombang Raya No. 24, Pondok Aren, South Tangerang) more than made up for any gloominess. There were many smiles and much laughter from the children—orphans and disadvantaged teenagers—when we arrived. It was the first time they received guests who wanted to play games in their simple home and give them lots of presents and cake.

Joy and happiness at Asrama Bina Yatim dan Duafa Al-Abqo Amanah.

The Westin Hotel Jakarta brought a big chocolate cake layered with Valrhona chocolate ganache. The cake with beautifully decorated, a creation of the hotel’s pastry chef. After playing fun games conducted by The Westin, the children enjoyed lunch, which was also prepared by The Westin, followed by cake for dessert.

Ms. Yarnani, the head of the dormitory and the foundation noted that it was the first time they had a visit from such an institution. The children were happy to receive gifts and cake, and, thanks to The Westin, they will sleep well too, as among the presents were blankets, pillows and mattresses.

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