For almost 7 years, Mall of Indonesia (MOI) has been committing itself to present various innovative events and shopping programs and choices of tenancy mix. Therefore, on May 16, 2016, it has opened the new business unit, called #PASARMOI which offers a nuance of New Experience Of Modern Market.

Cutting Ribbon

#PASARMOI is located on the lower ground level of Moi and has a coverage area of more than 4.000m2.  Inspired by the design of a modern market and imbued with the nuance of international interior, #PASARMOI answers to all Mall of Indonesia loyal visitors needs, such as food, fashion and hobbies. #PASARMOI as believed to be the"New HangOut Destination", is especially developed for the people of Kelapa Gading and its surrounding areas, because:

  • To be the first Breakfast Complex in Kelapa Gading area, which is supported by famous tenants in Jakarta. Its operation hours start as early as 07.00 AM to fulfill the need of having breakfast
  • A unique interior design combined with the WiFi facility augment the comfortness for its visitors.
  • There is an area called Street Market, which offers lots of chosen local products that will consistently presents new products.
  • One of our main tenant, Shigeru Sushi offers high quality of Sushi products, which its price starts from Rp. 3000. This will be a favorite place for all Sushi lovers.


With its many choices of tenants in #PASARMOI, it gives an easeness for visitors to spend time with their families and friends in Mall of Indonesia.  Some of the famous tenants, that are now serving at #PASARMOI, are Shigeru Sushi, Tous Les Jours, DapurMamihSateku, BajiPamai, BakmiAlok,Bubur Kwong Tung and many other favorable tenants.

Ernest Prakasa

Some programs are arranged attractively during the Grand Opening of #PASARMOI. Those programs are SarapanGoceng, Employee Cashback and Free Parking, which can be enjoyed by all of MOI visitors. In addition to that, during the Grand Opening event of #PASARMOI, it will be supported by the presence of some local celebrities, such as Ernest Prakasa (16/5/2016), 5 Romeo (21/5/2016) and Gamaliel, Audrey, Cantika (GAC) (22/5/2016) in the Atrium of #PASARMOI, located on the lower ground level. To top it off, all visitors are able to participate in the contest of Regram and Food Photo Contest #PASARMOI and may win a Tablet Phone and many shopping vouchers. Do invite your family and close friends to enjoy the merry of many programs and events during the Grand Opening #PASARMOI in Mall of Indonesia, The Fun Shoppping Experience.

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