A similar national flag is not the only trait Poland shares with Indonesia. Another one is a record unbroken economic expansion. Two tiger economies, rising in power, becoming leaders of their respective regions: Poland in Central Europe, Indonesia in Southeast Asia. And now they are finding each other to be an increasingly interesting place for political education, tourism and doing business.

The land of outstanding people

Poland is motherland for Maria Skłodowska-Curie who named one of the discovered elements Radium and Polonium; the latter name refers directly to Poland. A scientific interest of Poles also reached Indonesia. In 1930s Polish geologist Józef Zwierzycki, professor of the Bandung Institute of Technology, drew the first geological map of the Indonesian archipelago. Poles influenced not only science but also the history of 20th century: the two most consequential figures being Pope John Paul II and the leader of “Solidarity” movement Lech Wałęsa. Newly opened museums in Poland allow visitors to learn and experience Polish history. The Warsaw Uprising Museum in Warsaw and Second World War museum in Gdańsk are just two examples.

As trustworthy as a Polish banking app

Poland is a place where history meets future. As a result of almost 30 years of uninterrupted economic growth, the Polish companies moved up the global value chain towards Industry 4.0. A big entrance is being made by the Polish IT technology, especially financial technology solutions. Polish cybersecurity solutions are known to be the global leaders of reliability and resilience. So much so that various governmental services are provided by banks.

From historic sites to unspoiled nature

Along with the economic growth, the number of foreign visitor to Poland is on the rise. Many of them come from Asia, thanks to direct air links by the national airline LOT with Japan, China, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Korea and Singapore. These wonderers discover the beauty of Polish medieval cities of Kraków, Gdańsk and Toruń, the Chopin-related monuments in Warsaw and UNESCO heritage sites, including the Wieliczka salt mine. They also visit the Polish unspoiled nature, including the high mountains of Tatra or Europe’s last primeval forest of Białowieża, where one can track herds of European bison.

With Indonesia and Poland relationship entering its 65th anniversary, it is high time to get to know another white-and-red country. Poland and Indonesia share similar values related to freedom, solidarity and family. There is huge room for synergy between Polish and Indonesian people and economies. Time is ripe to grow the cooperation even stronger.

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