With the expanding services of GO-JEK, there is hardly any need to leave the house anymore – or is there? On a recent Sunday, I decided to do a little experiment: not leaving the house for a whole day and fulfilling my needs using the GO-JEK app only.

Try to live a day with Go-Jek has to offer. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

9.00 AM

Don’t you just love that feeling when you wake up early in the morning, knowing that you don’t have to go to the office? I usually sit on my terrace, have a cup of coffee and read the news. It doesn’t take long until I begin to feel hungry. I open my GO-JEK application and look for breakfast options near me. Tous Les Jours pops up on my screen, and I decide to order an Organic Yogurt Granola for Rp. 59,000. Only 30 minutes later, I happily munch away.

11.00 AM

Now would be the perfect time for a quick massage! I tap on my phone and scroll through the different options on GO-MASSAGE and decide that a 60-minute light massage and reflexology sounds just about right. My massage therapist Dewi shows up on my doorstep 30 minutes later, and we head to the living room to begin the treatment. Being pampered in the comfort of your own home is a delight, and I feel extremely rejuvenated afterwards. I hand Dewi the money – Rp. 70,000 and a tip – and retreat back to my terrace.

01.00 PM

Oh, look at that! Lunchtime already. I feel like Mexican food and order a hearty Beef Burrito from Poblano Mexican Grill via GO-FOOD. At the same time, I decide to stock up on some snacks – mainly chips, cookies and popcorn – and place my order with GO-MART. There is a Harry Potter marathon on HBO: the remedy for a perfectly lazy afternoon on the couch, and I am now equipped with lots of food and snacks.

05.00 PM

Time really flies when you are… doing nothing! Circa 3000 calories and one dead Professor Dumbledore later, I take a look around my living room and sigh. I should really clean the house a bit – but why bother, when there is GO-CLEAN for only Rp. 45,000 an hour? Enter a cleaning lady, equipped with a big bag of tools and a great deal of determination: in no time, my living room, kitchen and bathroom look all shiny again.

06.00 PM

My dog has been procrastinating next to me the whole day, but he suddenly becomes agitated and starts barking. Of course – he needs to go for a walk. I grab the leash, and we make our daily round in the neighborhood. Hey, GO-JEK, here’s an idea: how about dogsitter and dogwalking services as your next business expansion?

07.30 PM

I am still quite full from my snack indulgence and decide to skip dinner. The melancholy feeling of a Sunday evening creeps in. It’s always a challenge to get out of bed on Mondays, and I decide to buy myself some time and order a wash and blow via GO-GLAM – which means I can sleep at least 30 minutes longer tomorrow and still have fabulous hair!

10.30 PM

I head upstairs to my bedroom, snuggle up with my blanket and a good book. Except for the 30-minute walk with my dog, I didn’t have to leave my house at all. Online services truly make our life convenient – which is nice once in a while, but at the same time also makes us extremely lazy. At some point, I presume, I’d truly miss the real world outside.

Katrin Figge

Katrin Figge

Katrin Figge is a previous editor of NOW! Jakarta. An experienced writer and avid bookworm.