In the lush landscapes of Ciawi, Bogor, Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills is set to redefine the boundaries of luxury with the launch of its latest venture – ArtPlay Studio. This artistic haven, nestled on the 2nd floor of the Batur Building, promises to be more than just a creative space; it’s a celebration of individuality and a testament to Pullman Ciawi’s commitment to intertwining opulence with modern, inspiring art.

Launched on 16 November 16, 2023, this innovative space invites guests to embark on a journey of self-expression through various art forms, transcending the conventional boundaries of luxury hospitality.

The studio offers facilities and guidance for all ages dedicated not only for kids but for the entire family. It welcomes those who want to try art for the first time, or are seasoned professionals. ArtPlay Studio presents an array of activities, from the dynamic Splash Art to the mesmerizing Pendulum Art and Break Brick painting using regular and glow-in-the-dark paint, all under the enchanting glow of special lighting.


Collaborating with Makers, Pullman Ciawi ensures that ArtPlay Studio is equipped with a lavish palette of high-quality colours, affirming its commitment to providing an unparalleled artistic experience. This partnership elevates the studio from a mere creative space to a sanctuary where artistic souls can truly express their uniqueness through vibrant, captivating means.

Gilles Tressens, General Manager of Pullman Ciawi, shares the resort’s excitement, affirming, “Art is one of the best ways to celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. Through ArtPlay Studio, we are not just offering a space; we are opening a gateway to inspiration, self-expression, and personal achievement.”

The genesis of ArtPlay Studio lies in Pullman’s unwavering passion for art and design. Mirroring the essence of the Artists Playground program, the studio serves not just as a canvas for expression but as a distinctive provision that amplifies the resort’s identity. It’s a manifestation of Pullman Ciawi’s dedication to a holistic guest experience, fusing contemporary designs, local culture, and innovative activations that breathe life into the brand’s ethos.

To mark this grand opening, Pullman Ciawi extends its hospitality to A Trust for A Child (ATFAC), a foundation nurtured by Accor Indonesia since 2001. Children from ATFAC will be the first to unleash their creativity within the exclusive ArtPlay Studio, turning the space into a canvas for their boundless imagination.

As the first-of-its-kind creative haven in the Bogor region, ArtPlay Studio seamlessly blends with Pullman Ciawi’s repertoire of family activities. Opening its doors in time for the year-end festivities, including Christmas programs and a New Year’s Eve party, ArtPlay Studio is poised to elevate guests’ holiday experiences, creating memories that transcend the ordinary.

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