Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan (b. The Philippines, 1965 and 1962)
Wings Baanan Series #5 – Baby Wings (2021)
Hand forged metal, wood, Variable dimension
Ⓒ Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan. Courtesy of Yavuz Gallery.

From 24th June – 8th October 2023, the ‘Somewhere, Elsewhere, Nowhere’ exhibition will be displayed on Meseum MACAN. Created by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan, this pair is a husband and wife artistic partnership who have exhibited extensively in major exhibitions and biennales around the world. They are renowned for their unique perspective which often revolves around spheres of home and family, incorporating found materials into their artworks, and a consideration of the ways in which identities and histories are formed through travel and migration.

‘Somewhere, Elsewhere, Nowhere’ includes large-scale, expansive, and interactive artworks that will stimulate visitors’ curiosity. Their work uses a vast variety of humble, everyday materials, including cardboard, flip-flops, toothbrushes, and even blankets. These are items which suggest mundane human activities and are also things that we travel with, which become symbols of human movement as well as displacement. For the artists, these are simple materials that evoke ideas of individual identity, histories, journeys, and migration. Museum MACAN will also commission a new work by the artists; a life size airplane wing consisting of 92 birdcages put together like a puzzle.

Opening Times:
Tuesday–Sunday: 10.00–18.00 (The last entry is at 17.45)
The tickets are available at 

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