Indonesia’s craft distillery scene has been on the rise, and leading it is Spice Islands Distilling Co. This boutique distillery has quickly made a name for itself, becoming Indonesia’s first true craft distillery. Winning over 28 medals and awards, including recognition in the international markets such as Singapore, Germany and Australia, Spice Islands Distilling Co. has cemented its place as a global contender in the spirits industry. 

At the heart of this success lies a commitment to excellence and authenticity, embodying these principles is their latest creation the ‘Nusantara Cold Brew Java Cream’. This innovative liqueur showcases some of the best Arabica coffee from Indonesia’s renowned coffee-growing regions, including Aceh Gayo, Toraja, Java, and Kintamani. The beans are carefully handpicked from the finest plantations, expertly roasted, and then cold-brewed to extract the deep and intense flavours of the coffee without the harsh acidity and bitterness typically associated with hot brewing methods.

The distinct terroir of each growing region contributes to the complex and unique aroma and flavour profile of this liqueur, offering a taste of Indonesia’s diverse coffee culture in every sip. The cold brew coffee is then blended with premium imported dairy to create a creamy and luxurious elixir that captures the essence of the Spice Islands. 

Notably, the ‘Nusantara Cold Brew Java Cream’ contains half the sugar found in commercial brands, making it both a superior product in terms of quality and authenticity but also a more sustainable and healthier choice. For those eager to explore the versatility of this liqueur, Nusantara offers a range of cocktail recipes on its website, showcasing how classic cocktails can be given a delightful coffee twist.

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