Walking for Wildlife: Join the 9th Annual Asian Tigers 45-Hole and 4th Annual 18-Hole Charity Golf Tournaments

Mark your calendars for a remarkable day of golf and conservation at the 9th Annual Asian Tigers 45-Hole and 4th Annual 18-Hole Charity Golf Tournaments, scheduled for Friday, September 1st, 2023. This year’s event promises a dynamic blend of sportsmanship and compassion, all aimed at safeguarding the magnificent Sumatran tigers.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of the Asian Tigers 45-Hole Challenge, a unique golfing experience that distinguishes itself as one of Indonesia’s most exceptional golf challenges. Set amidst the mighty of Jagorawi Golf and Country Club, this tournament dares participants to walk through a remarkable 45-hole journey, a true test of skill and endurance.

However, the event’s significance transcends golfing prowess. With the spotlight firmly fixed on conservation, the tournaments serve as a platform to raise funds for the Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia (ASTI), the sole recipient of the charity. The imperative to protect the endangered Sumatran tigers adds a deeper purpose to every swing and step taken on the course.

Reflecting on the past year’s success, where approximately 170 million rupiah was raised in cash, the impact of collective efforts cannot be overstated. Over 120 players are expected to contribute to this year’s tournaments, underscoring the growing dedication to wildlife conservation.

If you’re looking to make a meaningful contribution, whether through sponsorship or participation, reach out to Isma Wooten at +62 816-1907-794 or via email at ismawootten@golfeventsindonesia.com. As the event draws near, the call to protect these majestic creatures resonates louder, urging golfers and conservation enthusiasts to unite for a cause that transcends the game.

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