“FGL” or Feel-Good Lab is the curatorial manifesto of the thirteenth Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) exhibition. This manifesto focuses on the positive emotions of experimenting, playing, and tinkering; actions that may derive from curiosities, desires, or needs.

The artworks, ranging from installation to performance works, offer a closer look at the notions of care, humour, feel-good, and the contrasting emotions that exist alongside them. Several artists and designers will also showcase projects that best reflect their current practice, which may be old works re-exhibited in response to the exhibition space and curatorial context of ICAD 13, or new artworks created for this exhibition.

As the first platform to initiate the collaboration of design and art, with various disciplines; ranging from fashion, film, hospitality, F&B, and others, ICAD 13 will feature at least 50 multidisciplinary creatives and collectives. The following artists, designers, and collectives from Indonesia and throughout the world have been confirmed as ICAD 13 participants:

1. Benyamin Suaeb Tribute (Legendary Betawi Artist | Jakarta)

2. Entang Wiharso (Artist | Yogyakarta)

3. Arahmaiani (Artist | Bandung)

4. Sinta Tantra (Artist | London)

5. Mit Jai Inn (Artist | Chiang Mai)

6. Adhi Nugraha (Product Designer | Bandung)

7. Irene Agrivina (Artist | Yogyakarta)

8. Octo Cornelius (Artist | Yogyakarta)

9. Naufal Abshar (Artist | Bandung)

10. Galih Johar (Artist | Yogyakarta)

11. Parti Gastronomi (Food Collective | Bandung)

12. No-To-Scale x Mebelle (Collective, Art & Design Studio | Kuala Lumpur)

13. Od Architecture (Architecture Studio | Bandung)

As in previous years, ICAD also held an open call for the public to submit their work proposals in response to the festival’s curatorial manifesto for further selection processes. This year, the number of submissions from outstanding individuals and collectives has doubled compared to last year and came from 18 cities and 7 countries.

ICAD’s main exhibition will return to Grandkemang Hotel in South Jakarta from October 13 to November 26, 2023, with program activations at the main venue, numerous partner venues, and public spaces in the Kemang district through the Kemang 12730 programs.

There will be even more program collaborations at ICAD 13. Not only with institutional partners, but also with artists who want to respond to their work with various activations, such as performance art, talk shows, and workshops. In a concentrated effort to bring ICAD closer to the public, particularly Generation Z, we will host a special ICAD Tour program with 15 schools in the Jakarta area this year.

This year also marks the first time that ICAD will hold an open call for volunteers in response to the enthusiasm of young people who want to be further involved as well as be part of ICAD’s exhibitions and programs.

Follow the latest updates on ICAD via www.arturaicad.com

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