Do you want to test how well you get on with your group of friends or family when confronted with challenges? Do you want to see if those hours spent watching detective movies and series have sharpened your investigative skills? Or, perhaps you’re just looking for a fun indoor activity to try on the weekend. Well then the new Escape Room at PIK may be just the ticket!

Embark on a journey that tests your detective skills at Jakarta’s first-ever escape room set inside of a Pagoda, recently opened at the popular Pantjoran PIK. For those who aren’t familiar with escape rooms, they are immersive experiences whereby players must solve puzzles, discover clues and accomplish tasks to move through a series of rooms until they’ve managed to find their way out, i.e. escape!

At Pantjoran PIK, with the theme of “Journey to the West: Escape the Pagoda”, visitors will have to escape the 5-floors of the towering Pagoda that stands at the end the Chinatown. The mysteries and puzzles are related and inspired by the famous mid-16th century literary work, ‘Journey to the West’ by Wu Chengen in China. The story went about the travels of a monk and his three disciples to look for a sacred tome. Those who aren’t familiar, might know this story from its Indonesian adaptation, ‘Kera Sakti’, which became a crowd-favourite series in the 1990s. 

The escape room consists of four stages spread throughout the Pagoda, where four special characters will greet players upon entering the building. These famous characters are Sun Wukong (the cheeky monkey king), Zhu Bajie (a pig-headed, gluttonous character), Sha Wujing (an expert soldier), and Tang Sanzang (a respectable and wise monk).

Up the Pagoda, players will have to solve a locked-room mystery with clues found in each room titled after the main characters: The Gluttony of Cu Pat Kai, Be Good as Sha Wujing, Together with Biksu Tang, and The Greatest of Sun Go Kong. Players will see an exit and end the game after they open each room consecutively.

The excitement (and frustration, for some!) that this game exudes cannot be overstated. If you want to try your teamwork with your friends and family, this “Journey to the West: Escape the Pagoda” attraction is available for one month, from 21 July to 20 August 2023, starting at 01.00 PM to 09.00 PM every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

There are also weekend workshops available, such as Decoupage Shoes & Hat on July 16, Flower Balloon Bouquet on July 23, Flower Phone case Resin on July 29, and Decoupage Underglass on July 30.

Visitors can join free workshops for tufting, net bag crochet, flower balloon, flower phones, and many more listed on Instagram @pantjoranpik

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