Brian Billdt is a man who practices what he preaches. As the Founder of PrimaFit, Indonesia’s leading supplier of world-class fitness equipment and services since 1988, Billdt’s job, to put it simply, is to promote a healthy lifestyle. Judging from how well the company fares, it seems he’s on the right track.

Today, the company runs a number of businesses, such as fitness clubs, commercial supply for major gym chains, professional fitness training education and the soon-to-launch healthy catering service Prima Dapoer.

At the heart of Billdt’s strategy is a belief that innovation is key.

“Technology is unavoidably changing the way we live, and it makes fitness routines more interesting. Not only does it provide entertainment to spice up our workout regime, technology also allows us to record, measure and manage our training and diet so we could keep track of our fitness progress, how many calories we burn, how fast we run and many more,” said Billdt.

In line with the company’s commitment to provide cutting-edge and enjoyable fitness solutions, PrimaFit recently introduced Woodway Curve, an energy-efficient treadmill with exceptional fitness benefits.

“Woodway Curve has been doing well in the US market for the past five years, but it’s quite new to Indonesia. By offering purpose-driven running, the curve treadmill helps to strengthen your muscles, improve your run and keep your entire body in good balance. Beginners might find Woodway Curve a bit challenging because it requires full control of your movement. On the plus side, you’ll get more effective result within shorter workout time,” Billdt explained.

At the moment, 12 Woodway curves functional treadmills will be launched and fully operational in July after a famous master trainer, Scott Moody from the USA trains key team members in early July.

“Celebrity Fitness is Indonesia’s prominent fitness centre and a loyal partner of PrimaFit that shares the same drive to present the best fitness facilities. I am confident that Woodway Curve will become the next big thing in the fitness world.”

JJ Sweeney, co-founder of Celebrity Fitness and SVP of Fitness Development and Innovation, is equally passionate when it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle and has been engaged in sports his whole life, from football to tennis and cycling before starting a career in the fitness industry.

Sweeney said that compared to the normal treadmills, the new Woodway Curve runs smoother and is able to give users the feeling of actually running outside.

“It’s a good form of exercise because it’s not always easy to run outside because of the traffic and the pollution,” he explained. “But since the Woodway Curve is motor-free and you are generating the speed, it is a hard workout, so the calories that you burn will be much more than you would outside.”

Sweeney came to Indonesia in 2003 to start Celebrity Fitness which has considerably grown over the past years. The company, which has recently merged with Fitness First, is now present in six countries with 152 clubs combined.

“When we opened Celebrity Fitness, our goal was to create something unique. Being the first ones here, we were able to attract the top talent, everyone was so passionate and committed, so after being six months in Indonesia, we were already able to look at Malaysia straight away and got it going a year after,” he said, adding that Indonesian people were always easy to work with as they were always eager and quick to learn.

According to Sweeney, Indonesians have become much more health-conscious since he arrived. While at the beginning, many of them would come to the gym to socialize, now the mindset has shifted towards exercising in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sweeney and his team make sure that Celebrity Fitness is always equipped with the latest products – and that they know the science behind these products.

“Any trainer using one of the products is fully certified,” he explained. “We don’t allow a trainer to teach something new unless they own the necessary certificate. We are very focused on education and also want to understand more about our customers and what kind of stress they are under because otherwise we cannot change their behaviour regarding exercise routines.”

Katrin Figge

Katrin Figge

Katrin Figge is a previous editor of NOW! Jakarta. An experienced writer and avid bookworm.