Highlighting their campaign, Invest In Our Planet, Yello Hotel Manggarai celebrated the worldwide ‘Earth Hour’ movement, celebrating this important environmental awareness campaign together with the children of Chairun Nissa Orphanage; and collaborating with the environmental organisation Hutan Itu Indonesia (Forests Are Indonesia).

Every year, people across the globe countdown to celebrate Earth Hour, marking this occasion with one iconic action: switching off the lights. It’s not just the lights of course, for 60-minutes, lights and non-essential electronic equipment are all turned off, vouching for solidarity among different global communities to campaign on environmental protection and climate change action.

Yello Hotel Manggarai joined this important global moment, bringing the message to the children of local orphanage, Chairun Nissa. Their engagement with the community began on 24 March by watching a short film, Climate Witness, a deep and heartwarming story about people in East Nusa Tenggara who are increasingly seeing the effects of climate change on their lives.

“After watching the film, the team of Hutan Itu Indonesia discussed good practices in climate change solutions with the children and our team, in hopes to inspire the next generation to take better care of Earth,” shares Mairysa Sipayung, General Manager YELLO Hotel Manggarai. This will be routinely carried out every year as a form of the hotel’s concern for the environment, as well as to increase social ties with the surrounding community.

As this year Earth Hour coincides with the fasting month of Ramadan, the event brought together the orphanage, surrounding residents, and hotel employees, who broke their fast together as well.

Sustainability programmes have long been carried out by YELLO Hotel Manggarai, including the replacement of plastic water bottles in the hotel’s  rooms, and the removal of plastic straws. The hotel also conducts a program to recycle used masks. “We collect used masks and reprocess them into flower vases, as well as a hydroponic garden on the roof of the hotel. The garden then produces ingredients for our food and beverage outlets in the hotel,” added Mairysa.

The Earth Hour celebration continued with the signing of a forest adoption in the area of Long Lake, Malinau Regency, North Kalimantan, which was carried out symbolically by Hutan Itu Indonesia, part of YELLO Hotel Manggarai’s own contribution to the protection of Indonesia’s forests.

Then, on 25 March at 8.30PM, YELLO Hotel Manggarai turned off their lights and electronic equipment in the hotel, signifying the start of Earth Hour to all of their guests.

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