Indonesian sports stars have made great strides in recent years. And it appears the creative industry has also had quite a few famous contributions in recent years. We’ve rounded up a few names you might recognise.

Iko Uwais, Actor
Uwais Qorny, better known as Iko Uwais, went into acting through the movie directed by Gareth Evans, Merantau (2009). His stunning performance using martial arts in fight choreography made him popular. His role as Rama in The Raid sequel helped launch his career on the global stage.

Iko Uwais (right) on the scene with Mark Warlberg for the movie, Miles 22.

His debut in Hollywood was in Man of Taichi (2013) starring Keanu Reeves, followed by a small role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Beyond Skyline. Iko's name is shining in 2018. His new film Mile 22 gives him the chance to act with Mark Wahlberg. His character as Li Noor plays a crucial role in the movie which has impressed fans in North America.

Agnez Mo, Singer
Indonesian singer, songwriter, dancer and actor Agnez Mo, who is originally known as Agnes Monica, appeared in front of the camera since she was 6. She has over 20 years building her career at home starring in talk shows, soap operas, and producing six indonesian albums that received many awards. From her teenage debut album ‘And the Story Goes’ (2003) to Sacredly Agnezious in 2009, she often said she wanted to go international by focusing her career in music. Her earlier work includes the duet with Ricky Martin and Michael Bolton.

Agnez Mo in 'Long As I Get Paid' music video. 

She produced her first English album Agnez Mo (2013) and introduced her new stage name Agnez. Since then, Mo has collaborated with Danja, Timbaland, and rapper T.I which created her first international debut single, Coke Bottle. Last year, Mo released her international album X that consist of the single Long As I Get Paid and Damn I Love You. Recently, Mo announced that she has signed to New York-based record label, 300 Entertainment, the home of Fetty Wap, Migos, Young Thugs and other hip-hop and R&B artists. Her collaboration with Chris Brown in the catchy R&B hip-hop single Overdose got positive responses that fly out the chart in many countries.

Naufal Abshar, Painter
Naufal Abshar has received a positive response from international galleries and art exhibitions with his painting that highlights the laugh, entitled "HAHA Series”. His works are popular with a number of collectors abroad since he appeared in a collective exhibition, in Singapore and the United States. His painting combines an anecdote with typography, as a fun reaction towards reality, society, and figure.

Naufal Abshar.

The LASALLE College of the Art Singapore graduate has been combining his artistry with entrepreneurs that has drawn a wider audience including young people who have not had enough access to art. His ability to build a networks made him a famous in a different level of society. Now his works are mostly owned by Art Porter, Singapore.

Peggy Hartanto, Fashion Designer
Peggy Hartanto began her career as a fashion designer after graduating from Raffles College of Design and Commerce. Her debut as designer started with a womenswear collection back in in 2012 which appeared at Jakarta Fashion Week. Since then, her label evolved and has gained international attention. One can see her designs worn by Hollywood celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Eva Longoria, Odette Annable, and Sara Barriles.

Peggy Hartanto.

She is named as one of young entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine who achieved success before 30. She is well-known for her architectural design and has seen interest from markets such as the US, London, Japan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai and Singapore.

Abie Abdillah, Interior and Product Designer
Product and interior designer Abie Abdillah graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and started his career by establishing a design studio in 2009, known as Studio Hiji which focused on creating rattan furniture. He saw the potential of rattan which wasn’t fully optimised in the furniture industry. He gave rattan a new, contemporary look.

Abie Adbillah for ASEAN.

His debut is The Lukis armchair where the centuries-old tradition of rattan processing meets contemporary design.  His first debut won an Honorable Mention in the Singapore Furniture Design Award in 2011 which took him to Milan Design Week in 2016. Thanks to his outstanding design, Abie’s rattan furniture is now selling worldwide from The Common Goods in Singapore to Cappellini in Italy.

Antony Ginandjar, Choreographer
Italian-Indonesian choreographer Antony Ginandjar learned choreography at Western Australian of Performing Arts. After graduating from university, Ginandjar and his partner Ashley Evans, founded The Squared Division, a production house based in Australia, which offers choreography and artistic services for artists, concerts, and fashion events.

Antony Ginandjar (right) with Britney Spears.

Ginandjar and Evans moved the studio to the United States and opened the creative service in Los Angeles, the home of several Hollywood celebrities. His clients include singers Kylie Minogue, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift and the queen of pop, Britney Spears.

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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