It was a fitting end to an excellent year of dining as the members and guests of La Chaine des Rotisseurs Jakarta assembled in the gilded splendor of Kunstkring Paleis Restaurant in Jakarta for their final dinner of the year and the induction of new members in a marvelous “Chapitre Gala”.

A Triumph at Kunstkring (2)

Tugu Hotels, Indonesia’s iconic hospitality group, create astonishing hotels and restaurants based on Indonesian and Asian Heritage, usually jammed with antiques, works of art and stylish decorations, so the choice of the splendid Kunstkring in Menteng for this special occasion was extremely appropriate as its grandeur fitted the ancient ceremony of induction into the Chaine Membership perfectly.

The other important aspect of this selection was that the menu was one hundred percent Indonesian cuisine, something that we had not experienced all year, and as the Bailliage of Indonesia’s capital city, we felt it was important to have at least one dinner a year celebrating Indonesia’s best dishes.

A Triumph at Kunstkring (1)

So the Jakarta committee of Gilles Marx, Fabrice Mini, Bon Yanuar and Alistair Speirs sat down with Tugu’s Andy Guy and Bianca to create a menu of real Indonesian dishes and match them to wines that would capture and enhance their flawours. This is what emerged…..

Karedok Wrapped in Rice Cracker
Asparagus Spears with Fish in Clear Tofu Turmeric Carambola Broth
Crab Satay on Sugar Cane
Gustave Lorentz/Crement d’Alsace Brut NV

Tahu Kembang Jenar
Crispy tofu skin stuffed with vegetable, scallop and prawn mixed with Indonesian traditional sauce
Umamu/Estate Semillon Sauvingon Blanc 2007

A Triumph at Kunstkring (3)

Urap – Urap Rumput Laut dengan Kacang Kedelai Putih dan Udang Rebon
Seagrass salad with prawn, white soyabean and “rebon” shrimp
Gustave Lorentz/Gewurztraminer Altenberg De Bergheim 2008

Soto Empal Gentong
Tender beef in turmeric coconut soup, cooked over woodfire
Juris/Pinot Noirs Selection 2013

 Main Course
Bebek Betutu dengan Sayuran Bumbu Sambal Matah Kalas Kancang Panjang
Slices of stuffed “Bebek Betutu” served with “Sambal Matah” vegetable and string bean
First Drop Wines/Fat of The Land Seppeltsfield Shiraz 2008

A Triumph at Kunstkring (5)

Colenak Van Kunstkring
Grilled fermented cassava with palm sugar, young coconut and topping with granola
Accompanied with coconut ice cream
Late Harvest: Montes/Late Harvest Gewurztraminer 2013

Tea or Coffee

The evening started with the induction ceremony conducted by Bailli Delegue Firdaus Siddik as investing officer, assisted by the Bailli Provincial Jakarta and other Jakarta Council members. A total of nineteen people were either promoted to more elevated positions or inducted as Chevalier or Dame de la Chaine.

They were as follows:

Promoted as councillers:
Petty Elliott Vice Conseiller Culinaire, Jkt Sud
Marx Gilles Conseiller Gatronomique, Provincial
Noke Kiroyan Vice Conseiller Gastronomique, Jkt Nord
Farah Quinn Vice Conseiller Gastronomique, Jkt Sud
Linda Tan Bailli Regional, Jkt Sud
Roy Widosuwito Bailli Regional, Jkt Nord
Bob Yanuar Charge de Missions , Provincial
Sezai Zorlu Vice Conseiller Culinaire, Jkt Nord

A Triumph at Kunstkring (4)

The evening started with cocktails and canapes in the elegant Suzi Wong bar then continued in the elegant main dining room served by the talented and attentive Kunstkring service team who also entertained guests with a welcome dance during the service of the appetizer. There were speeches by Firdaus Siddik as Bailli National and Lilian Khaw who formally handed over the Jakarta Bailliage to Alistair Speirs.

Overall guests were very impressed with the food, with top marks going to the “Soto Empal Gentong”. The “Bebek Betutu” however was not as well appreciated, but was more than compensated by the accompanying wine “First Drop/ Fat of the Lend Seppeltsfield Shiraz 2008” which was considered an absolute winner.

To top off the evening the talented opera singer Valentina, accompanied by pianist Fero Aldiansya performed four delightful songs, and the guests went home replete and in full holiday mood.

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Alistair Speirs

Alistair Speirs

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