As more Jakartans became aware of the importance of health and fitness, alternative styles and communities continue to rise. One method rises above the rest, defying conventional ideas and bringing the human body back to its natural, most fundamental form.

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When you understand your body, you don’t need six to eight hours of sleep to be fit. You don’t need protein supplements to build muscle. You don’t need rest days. You can train every single day—your body can take it. These are all statements that most fitness experts will disagree with, but for actor and One Pride MMA 2018 champion Verdy Bhawanta, they are nothing but limitations.

With more than ten years perfecting various martial arts from kung fu to capoeira and everything in between, Verdy—or simply known as “Bli”—invented Indobarian Method with the core belief that the human body is capable of performing extraordinary physical feats when it is trained beyond the restriction of only several styles. 

“I created Indobarian to be a greater container that fits many different fitness styles and martial arts, because instead of focusing on one particular style, we are taking everything that’s good and apply them into our training with the goal of attaining complete mastery of the human body,” Bli explained the driving philosophy behind Indobarian.

An Indobarian’s ultimate goal is not to be the strongest, nor to have the most aesthetic body, nor the fastest legs. You are “strong” by Indobarian measure when your body is capable of doing whatever you want and perform any physically demanding feat—essentially having complete control of your own body, both mentally and physically.

In practice, the fundamentals of Indobarian exercise is emphasised on breathing and movement training done with—and this is equally important—a positive mental state. While this does not sound too complicated, the actual exercise is highly versatile and are proportionally very challenging to practitioners of all levels.

A session usually starts with a warm-up of stretches using the right breathing techniques to open up the veins and capillaries allowing for seamless blood flow. This is essential because your body will need all the oxygen it can get as they take on the forthcoming exercises. After the warm-up, movement patterns are introduced: crawling, running, jumping, rolling, balancing, monkey-walking, squats and many other similarly strenuous exercises that most common gym goers loathe. Complementing these movements are optimally implemented styles or martial arts, such as boxing, callisthenics, capoeira or similar, which participants also get to learn on an individual level. The session is consistently finished with meditation done correctly, with the aim of ensuring that “each of us practitioners always radiate positive energy to our surroundings”, Bli added.

Due to the versatility and personal attention given by Bli himself and other enthusiastic trainers, Indobarian Method is suitable for people of all ages and all fitness level. To measure progress and assure everyone is constantly growing, the following levels are assigned based on each member’s physical qualifications.

Physical qualificationsLevel 1 – Red WarriorLevel 2 – Orange WarriorLevel 3 – Yellow WarriorLevel 4 – Green WarriorLevel 5 – Blue Warrior
Burpees20×330×350, 40, 3050REDACTED
Push-up104050 (male)30 (female)70
Diamond push-up103050 (male)30 (female)50
Dips52030 (male)20 (female)40
Pull-upN/A520 (male)10 (female)20
HandstandN/AN/AN/A1 minute
Mushle-up burpeesN/AN/AN/A15
Time limit5 minutes8 minutes10 minutes10 minutes

Verdy Bhawanta trains at Indobarian Method Academy, Kemang from Monday to Sunday and each session starts at 7.30pm. Walk-in admission is at a fixed price of IDR 100,000, and membership rate is IDR 1,000,000 per month, inclusive of unlimited access to the Kemang academy facility and access to every class, trained personally by Bli Verdy Bhawanta.

Indobarian Method Academy

Jalan Madrasah RT 8/RW 4, Cilandak
T: +62 878 3132 8391
IG: @indobarian_indonesia



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