Pandemic Effect – Part 2: How to Not Bleed Out as an Empath

Illustration of an emphatic behaviour. Photo by youssef naddam on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA Last time we talked about people with narcissistic disorder and how the pandemic is helping them get better—it’s on Home Life edition six. We are now going to look at it from the other end of the spectrum: the empath, and how not to bleed out as one,

Pandemic Effect: An Unexpected Gift to Narcissists

Illustration of narcissism. Photo courtesy of When Covid-19 hits the world, mental health in general took a back seat to physical health, which is only natural, making sure hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed and that as many lives as possible could be saved. Schools closed, work from home became the new norm, restaurants and other

Erasmus Huis: Preserving Dutch and Indonesian Culture

Art and culture centre, Erasmuis Huis, is undeterred as the world faces global pandemic, and it continues to showcase the best of Dutch and Indonesian heritage through new and interesting avenues. As the cultural centre of the Netherlands in Jakarta, focusing on musical programmes and exhibition, the Erasmus Huis is home to fascinating Dutch and

The World vs The Plague

We’ve heard of plagues before—The Black Death, to name one. But I’m not using the word ‘plague’ to refer to the bubonic plague that killed around a quarter of Europe’s population in the 1300s. Plague can also mean “an epidemic disease that causes high mortality” or “pestilence” or, more figuratively, “any widespread, calamity or evil”.

Surviving the Plague with the Right Protective Gear

With Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) scarce, infection control is now raising a concern. Photos courtesy of PT Dailite Star Modéliste/NOWJAKARTA With Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) scarce, infection control is now raising a concern. NOW! Jakarta spoke to Co-Founder PT Dailite Star Modéliste Golden Epafras to discuss the rational use of PPE and challenges during the Covid-19 crisis. Could

Polish Business Club: A Rising Business Friendship

The Polish Business Club brings together entrepreneurs, professionals and people with business connections with Poland. Photos courtesy of Polish Business Club/NOWJAKARTA With regular gatherings and substantial support from both governmental and private institutions, the Polish Business Club is a respectable organisation championing business between Poland and Indonesia. The Polish Business Club was founded in August 2011, following

Andrew You: Wielding the Right Attitude Towards JD.ID Success

Andrew You, JD.ID’s Head of Corporate Business Development and B2B Solutions. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA JD.ID’s Head of Corporate Business Development and B2B Solutions, Andrew You shares about the importance of having the right learning attitude in pursuing success. Andrew, would you mind telling us about your current responsibilities at JD.ID and within the Chambers of Commerce? My

Getting to Know the Dynamic Duo: Chef Otong Arif and Chef Anis Kurniawan

It is a blessing for Hotel Ciputra Jakarta to have Executive Chef Otong Arif and Executive Pastry Chef Anis Kurniawan. Photo courtesy Hotel Ciputra Jakarta/NOWJAKARTA We visited Hotel Ciputra Jakarta and spoke with the two culinary pillars, Executive Chef Otong Arif and Executive Pastry Chef Anis Kurniawan, to know what makes the hotel tick, food-wise. What qualities do

The Journey Towards Success

What is success to CMO of Starbucks Indonesia, Liryawati?  We met Liryawati, CMO of Starbucks and learned about her perspective of success and how to achieve it based on her own experience. Please tell us about the scope of your responsibilities within the group and how you ended up there. My work encompasses six pillars around

Why We Crave Success

Illustration of a man working. Photos courtesy of Whether in our career, passion, personal pursuits or any endeavour, we all know what we want, and that’s success. But do we know why we want success? The definition of success has been a longstanding subject of debate. And there is no right or wrong because

Club Med: Experience the Soul of Bali

Club Med Bali has the perfect family programmes for you. Photos coutesy of Club Med/NOWJAKARTA Thanks to the new Amazing Family programme, the Club Med spirit is further extended to every member of the family. I felt the spirit of Club Med starting from the front gate of the property, where I was given a pink ribbon bracelet.

Korea Tourism Organization: Imagine Your South Korea

Haedong Yonggungsa. Photo courtesy of Explore Korea’s rich culture, stunning landscapes, impeccable culinary offering and the recent Muslim-friendly tourism features. Just before the turn of the decade, Indonesian Eko Prasetio and his family were welcomed by the Korea’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Park Yang-woo, along with the President Director of Korea Tourism

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