Nasi Padang may be one of the most famous and authentic Indonesian delicacies, thanks to its powerful spices and flavours. Many have fallen in love with it and never let go. Even if you’re not a fan of spicy food, there are so many options that the West Sumatran cuisine offers. With a vast variety of gastronomic delights – some of which may come at the expense of your calorie count – one thing everyone in this country would agree with is that Nasi Padang never fails to satisfy.

Against the backdrop of the high popularity of West Sumatran cuisine, Ambhara Hotel recently launched Nasi Bundo. Loosely translated as “Mother’s rice”, Nasi Bundo aims to take Padang food to the next level. The restaurant is designed in homey ambiance that accentuates the West Sumatran culture. While waiting for their food, patrons can learn a thing or two about the region’s history from the portraits of West Sumatran national heroes adorning the restaurant’s walls.

When it comes to traditional cuisine, authenticity is everything. To protect the heavenly tastes of West Sumatran cuisine, Ambhara Hotel’s Executive Chef James Iskandar Sadli and his team promise to only use fresh and high quality ingredients, without any additional preservatives. Unlike most Padang restaurants, where the food is on window display, all 48 dishes on the menu at Nasi Bundo are prepared by order to ensure their freshness. The next time you crave for Padang food, go a bit further than merely satisfying your craving. Indulge your taste buds at Nasi Bundo managed by Ambhara!

Nasi Bundo managed by Ambhara
Pasaraya, Jalan Iskandarsyah II No. 2
Melawai, Jakarta 12160

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