French cuisine celebrates the seasons and the produce that emerges during the summer months are a delight. Amuz Gourmet is in tune with the many delights of French dining and recently introduced its summer menu which, as always, is studded with gems.

Indulge Turbot fish served with green asparagus, butternut puree and orange confit with a lemon mousseline as French Summer dish at AMUZ Gourmet. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

To start, feast on Blue Finn Tuna Tartare. Fresh, light and simple, the dish highlights the tomato which is sliced thin and served with tuna. Delightfully mixed and served alongside honey-tomato espuma, the dish is reminiscent of the delights of French restaurants with their joys of al-fresco dining.

Duck is a staple in many French kitchens and so it goes at Amuz. This summer, enjoy a version of the famous Duck a l’orange which is served here with a modern twist. Orange sauce and candied orange skin are part of it, but Chef Gilles adds dried fruit and almond semolina which takes the dish to a different level, reminiscent of the classic but updated for contemporary diners. The meat is succulent and delicious and works well with the combination of citrus and the concentrated sweetness of dried fruit.

Summer is about lighter fare and fish is the perfect protein for the season. The pan roasted Turbot fish is meaty, and the filet is portioned generously. Served with green asparagus, butternut puree and orange confit with a lemon mousseline, the dish combines the flavours of the summer in a light main course that is delectable from start to finish.

Blue Finn Tuna Tartare (left) and Foie Gras (right).
Pistachio cremeux served with raspberry financier and a delicious apricot sorbet.

There are certain French favourites that are perfect at any time of year and this is the case with Foie Gras. Pan seared and served in a light mousse, caramalised fingerling banana and with a crunch cashew filo wrap, the dish is a combination of meaty and crunch, sweet and savoury. Rather like a tickle on the palate, the dish is quintessentially French – with a bit of a tropical twist. Delicious.

For dessert, there is a choice of delicious lime scented cheesecake with lime jelly crowned with new season cherry & port wine compote. The compote is rich and delicious and when paired with the fresh flavours of the cheese cake, this is the sort of dish to punctuate the series.

Alternatively, there is the pistachio cremeux served with raspberry financier and a delicious apricot sorbet. If there is a dessert that screams summer in all its resplendent glory, it is this. The cold sorbet is the perfect antidote to the creamy, fruitier finds and is definitely the perfect end to a delectable treat.

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