The Westin Jakarta’s latest promotion “Artisan Market” focuses on locally produced food. Specialty cheese, chocolate, gelato and other dishes will all be featured at its restaurant, Seasonal Tastes, until 1 December.

Rosalie Cheese at Artisan Market, Westin Hotel Jakarta. Photo courtesy of Westin Jakarta/NOWJAKARTA

In an age of mass-produced goods,  demand for artisanal products is rising. Goods made in small batches to reflect high-quality craftsmanship and care are extremely popular among consumers right now, where we can see many product brands popped up across the stores, hotels, and social medias or other online platforms.

The hotel has collaborated with Indonesia’s top artisanal food companies; Javara Culture, Rosalie Cheese, Microo Tempe, Pipiltin Cocoa, and Gelato Secrets, all of whose products will be used as main ingredients in the buffet offerings as a nod to the Indonesian culinary heritage.

In this special dining promotion, guests can taste the specialty food from each brand on their station, such as Javara Culture which well-known of its rare food products. Guests can enjoy the forgotten variety of rice, like Segobang and Parijatan that have been cultivated since the 13th century, in the era of the Majapahit Kingdom’s heyday.

There is also noodles, produced in collaboration with local farmers and are made from local wheat flour, cassava flour, various spices, tubers and vegetables. These are vegan friendly. The brand also introduces roa fish that often found in Sulawesi. Smoked roa is made traditionally where fish are arranged on bamboo shelves and smoked with coconut husks for 18 hours. It can be used as sambal or as a source of protein for varius dishes.

Rosalie Cheese is a local cheese company and diners can enjoy a range of natural cheese made from farm fresh ingredients without preservatives or colouring. Rosalie Cheese uses traditional cheese making techniques and Indonesian milk which has unique flavour based on Indonesia’s varied climate, soil, and plant life. In this event, the brand showcases its signature products, like goat cheese, black pepper cheese and crunchy breadsticks.

There’s also healthy tempe on offer. Westin has brought a good brand from Yogyakarta, Microo Tempe which was founded by a young entrepreneur and passionate tempe producer, Anissa Hanan. Tempe is often considered one of the best superfoods. Annisa makes and sells tempe from local sustainably grown beans which are harvested from sustainable local farming around Yogyakarta. The products also use non-GMO ingredients. She also works with small-scale women tempe producers in rural area. Microo Tempe invites guests not only eat tempe from both yellow and black beans which have a unique flavour.

Pipiltin Cocoa also takes part to this artisan market to showcase its huge collections of chocolate varities. All products contain Indonesian cocoa beans originating from some cocoa plantation across the country, such as Pidie Jaya in Aceh, Tabanan in Bali, Glenmore in Banyuwangi, and Tanazozo in Flores. The founder, Tissa Aunilla hopes to expand Pipiltin’s cocoa beans collection from all over Indonesia very soon.

Gelato lovers will enjoy Gelato Secrets which presents gelato with various flavours such as durian Medan, bamboo charcoal, strawberry, chocolate and mango. The brand holds the values of using only 100 per cent natural ingredients to ensure the best health benefits when eating its gelato and sorbetto. The founders, Gregory and Maria Indah work together with farmers that hold the same value and collaborate to create unique flavours. In doing so they use local produce from the farmers to help sustain these communities and the environment.

“Artisan Market” prices:

  1. Weekday lunch IDR 388,000++
  2. Weekday dinner IDR 408,000++
  3. Weekend lunch/dinner IDR 438,000++

Prices are inclusive of soft drinks, beer, and flavoured ice tea.

Seasonal Tastes

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Sari Widiati

Sari Widiati

Sari has been an arts and culture enthusiast for many years. She has written extensively on the arts, travel, and social issues as Features Writer at NOW! Jakarta.