Jakarta’s dining scene is undoubtedly thriving. However, most new establishments in the F&B industry look for a trendy, popular location like Senopati or Kemang; Pondok Indah doesn’t necessarily come to mind.

Asian Crossover at Hatchi (1)
Hatchi offers delectable cocktails in a stylish, industrial decor. Photos courtesy of Hatchi/NOWJAKARTA

Enter Hatchi, a newly opened two-storey restaurant and bar, that tries to lure Jakartans to Pondok Indah for its stylish, industrial decor with black marble tables, for the delectable cocktails that mostly use Asian liquor and spirits and – most of all – for its delicious food. Offering a wide range of fusion Asian dishes, Hatchi is the latest venture of H Group whose first establishment H Gourmet & Vibes in Senopati has quickly created some buzz for its 70s vibe. Hatchi’s menu covers everything a fan of Asian cuisine would desire and is mainly inspired by Japanese and Korean dishes – noodles, rice bowls, porridge, bao, to name only a few. Asian Crossover at Hatchi (3) One of the most popular dishes here is the Poke Bowl which consists of steamed rice, fresh marinated salmon and tuna, scallion and the house-made poke sauce – one can understand why it is among the customers’ favourites as it bursts with different flavours and spices, all perfectly complementing each other. For the more adventurous diners, the MYO – Make Your Own – noodle bowls are a fun way to create one’s own dish, based on preferences: you can choose between different types of noodles, broth, meat and extra toppings including corn, mushroom, eggs, nori, tofu and cheese, providing countless possibilities to experiment with on upcoming visits. Small in portion but great in taste are the tapas dishes like gyoza and roupi (deep-fried pork skin) that can be ordered as appetizers or – as we would highly recommend – as late night snacks to share with a group of friends because Hatchi has been drawing crowds not only because of its creative menu and relaxed ambiance, but also because of the live music on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as well as DJ performances on Saturday nights. Asian Crossover at Hatchi (2) However, as it turns out, Hatchi saves the best for last: the Matcha Tiramisu is a must-try dessert; the sweet matcha didn’t cancel out the tiramisu flavour, whereas the texture was incredibly fluffy – a truly happy end to a satisfying meal.


Pondok Indah Plaza 2 Blok BA/27
Jalan Metro Pondok Indah South Jakarta
T: +6221 2765 4066
IG: @hatchijkt
FB: Hatchi Jakarta

Katrin Figge

Katrin Figge

Katrin Figge is a previous editor of NOW! Jakarta. An experienced writer and avid bookworm.