Are You A Sports Shopper?

When I received the email from my editor saying that this month’s theme is health, sports and recreation, my mind went numb. This is really an issue that I have never liked and the only thing closest to sports in my life is walking (see last month’s issue).  Shopping could be the form of consumerism

Shoreditch, Where Everything is Cool and Hip!

As a city, London has much to offer. Being one of the most famous and well-developed metropolitan capitals in the world, London has continuously presented itself as a city with various options. Since my first visit there, I have been hearing about the Shoreditch district as one of the hippest and most happening districts to

Great Destination Called Dublin

As a winter traveller, I have never been in Europe during summer. This year, I finally did the unthinkable and agreed to visit Europe in the summer for the very first time. However, deep down I wished that certain places in Europe would still have that nice fresh, cold breeze once I got there. My

Cruising Into The Heart of Bavaria

Being a popular destination among Indonesian travellers, Europe continues to impress us with its natural beauty, amazing metropolitan cities, art and culture, food, and most of it all the diversities of countries to explore. The City of Passau from Danube River. Photo by Erza ST/NOW!JAKARTA On a recent trip to Europe, I decided to revisit

Mapping The Future of the Indonesian Traveller

From my experience as a travel writer for the last decade, I have found that many Indonesians have been travelling more than ever. In the last five years alone, we have seen a significant increase in the number of Indonesian travellers searching for new and unique destinations to visit, locally or internationally. Not just that,

Rustic Destinations to Celebrate The Festive Season

The festive season in December is indeed one of the most awaited for many people around the world. Whether you are part of the faith that celebrates it or not, December is the month that we are grateful for, thankful for getting through another year on earth. In the conservative tradition, the festive season is

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