Fat & Fabulous

It’s quite a common perception that fashion is only intended for those with a perfect body, and because of this mindset there are many people who think that they don’t belong to the fashion world. Fact of the matter is, this isn’t a Barbie world we live in, where everyone is perfect. In reality, people

Giving A Destination A Second Chance

It was around 12 years ago when I had the opportunity to travel to Europe for the very first time—alone. Being a first-timer, I was very excited and wanted to see as much as I could. I spent over a month visiting Istanbul, Cappadocia, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Paris and Toulouse, which I did in a

Unconventional Romantic Gateways

Keeping the excitement of romance in a relationship has proven to be quite a challenge for many couples. Most of them usually fall under the spell of the daily routine: they have a good life but it feels like a constant repetition – like a time loop where every day is just the same, similar

Negativity is Nothing But Fat

Three years ago, I was writing about the reality of being fat in a slim world. Many people seemed to be moved by it and I was glad to share the fact that sometimes fat is just a fact of life. Time has passed since then and so has me being fat. I still dress

Discovering Valencia’s Architectural Gems

These days, there are many different ways of enjoying travel moments. Some globetrotters dedicate their time to savor the local food during their trip, while others might prefer to visit various historical sites to learn more about the story of their destination. During a recent trip to Valencia in January, I decided to try something

A Journey to Two Capitals

As the reign of the white empress comes to an end, Mother Earth begins to re-emerge in all its beauty and colour. The weather is getting warmer though hints of the cold winter still return every now and then. Beautiful morning bird song returns once again to gently wake all the living beings, including the

London Off The Beaten Path

Since my first visit to London in 2014, I have been returning to this city for four times now and can proudly say that I am no longer a newbie. Nevertheless, like Jakarta, London continues to surprise me every time. During my last visit there in springtime, I decided to “go local”. This nonchalant way

Kid-Friendly Bali Escape

This time of the year, we find ourselves with two major holidays combined into one. For parents of schoolchildren, it could be both a boon and a problem. While there’s the efficiency of planning and budgeting, it comes with a side effect of (what feels like) shortened vacation time. As ever, Bali is a favourite

Presenting Art and Design in Digital Form

To many people, the idea of having artworks usually comes after architecture and interior design, with art being seen as an accentuating variable. It is quite rare, at least in Indonesia, where art is treated the other way. This was the notion that inspired Deborah Iskandar, one of Indonesia’s finest art experts, to create a

The Flying Affairs

World travellers know that there are many hubs that can connect us to other parts of the globe. Favourites such as Singapore, Doha, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Istanbul remain the most popular ones. As a world traveller who jumps in and out of airplanes from one destination to another, I am always keen

The Charming Seaside of Benoa

As the end of the year is approaching, I could not help but think about a holiday destination that would summarize 2017 perfectly. I have been traveling all around the world from Europe to China and Australia, and therefore I was not really keen on traveling too far for this coming holiday season. Bali is

Sydney-Melbourne Revisited

It has been a good seven years since I last travelled to the land down under and gosh! They have really changed a lot for the better. To begin with, Australia has changed their visa policy into digital that lets the whole process be faster and more efficient. In contrast to my visit in the

The Love Destination

February can be a tough month for couples trying to show their grand gesture of love. New couples commonly struggle to find ways to impress, while older ones usually strive to keep the romance alive and avoid the same old routines. Personally, I think the best Valentine’s Day gift is to travel together as a

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