Until 9 April, Ayana MidPlaza Jakarta holds its inaugural International Food Festival with three guest chefs from Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, aimed to attract both local residents and weekend travellers for a unique culinary experience.

The hotel’s three signature restaurants are ready to welcome and impress the city’s food connoisseurs. At the Bacchus Bar – which represents the resort’s famous Rock Bar in Bali – guests can enjoy a drink alongside tantalizing light bites: sumptuous Greek cuisine is perfectly paired with different wines from the lounge’s impressive cellar to heighten the overall culinary experience. A couple of chef’s signature recipes including Sea Bass Marinata on pita bread with lemon confit, Feta Cheese Saganaki drizzled in honey sauce and tender Chicken Souvlaki topped with Rock Bar’s authentic creamy herb Tzatziki sauce, are also available during the festival.

Rasa Restaurant, inspired by the cosmopolitan taste of Bali’s signature To’ge restaurant and making its debut at Ayana MidPlaza Jakarta, is the second option for food lovers. To’ge’s chef will dazzle connoisseurs of Asian cuisine with cherished family recipes from across the region, including a spicy bowl of Tom Yam Goong featuring Thai Jumbo prawn, Singapore’s popular Seafood Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice.

The Italian chefs from Ayana Resort and Spa Bali are excited to show off their culinary skills at Scusa Trattoria and Grill during the festival. It will be the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy Italy’s most authentic specialties, such as Spaghetti Aragosta prepared with succulent lobster, grilled leeks and fresh chili in garlic cream sauce.

Continuing the culinary excitement for its guests beyond the festival, JimBARan Lounge presents delicious Mexican Tapas from 17 to 23 April, created with the freshest ingredients including farm-to-table produce and delectable meats and seafood. The mouth-watering traditional tasting style, fondly known as ‘tapas’ gives guests the opportunity to sample a variety of sharing plates presented in style, utilizing seared beef, freshly caught seafood and tropical fruits that can be paired with savory cocktails and mocktails, or the signature drink Crushed Ice Margarita.

Sari Widiati

Sari Widiati

Sari has been an arts and culture enthusiast for many years. She has written extensively on the arts, travel, and social issues as Features Writer at NOW! Jakarta.