Basque Bar de Tapas, the newly establishment in Kuningan, is ready to enter the lively Jakarta’s dining scene with their eclectic Basque-inspired cuisine. The ambitious restaurant is also keen to show Jakarta’s foodies their creative Gin&Tonic selections which can’t be found anywhere else. Try one of Basque’s signatures, Peach Melloni that made of sparkling wine, peach, watermelon & lollipop. Unique and refreshing, the cocktail is a nice start to a delightful evening after a long day of work.


There are many reasons to dine at a restaurant, be it the good food and drink, friendly service or cosy ambience that make you feel like home and Basque: Bar de Tapas, the latest grand venture in Mega Kuningan, is keen to show Jakarta’s gastronomes that they have everything on the list.


Although it hasn’t officially opened yet, the restaurant’s name and pictures have been mentioned and circulated around the social media in recent months, signifying a promising future. Its overall design reflects a gorgeous mix of classy rustic style that highlights natural beauty with a thoroughly modern approach which shows boldness and confidence. You can enjoy a scenic view of Kuningan’s skyline through the large windows of its glass-roofed semi-outdoor area. These elements certainly create a delightful atmosphere that is a real attraction.


But let’s move on the menu since I think everybody would agree that a beautiful venue comes second to providing delicious food. As the name suggests, the restaurant drew its culinary inspiration from Basque Country, the bordering region between Spain and France that is known widely as a popular gastronomic destination in Europe. A quick glance at the  menu however reveals an eclectic fusion of classic Spanish cuisine, heart-warming Asian dishes and modern international fares, creating a dynamic selection that is worthwhile to explore.


First timers should probably try Basque’s signature tapas platters. On our visit, we tried their three best-selling products; Chipirones, fried baby squid with alioli sauce; Gamba Croquette with creamy shrimp bechamel filling and Jamon Iberico de Bellota; aged pork ham served with pan con tomato. Each of them has its own uniqueness but we agreed that bechamel filling in that Gamba Croquette was simply addictive, making it our favourite so far.


Once your appetite has been stimulated with the tapas, it is time to explore Basque’s main courses. We opted for Spiced Steak with Cherry Tomato Salsa; the boneless short rib marinated with mixed spices, served with curly fries and pickles. Not only did it have beautiful presentation, the juicy and flavoursome beef succesfully met our taste expectations. We also enjoyed its special sambal which gave a subtle hint of spiciness. If you’re craving for more meat, try their Cocida Lamb Shank too. Cooked in tomato stew and served with sauteed vegetables, the dish has a wonderful earthy flavours from its rich herbs and spices. Although you feel full already, save some room for dessert because you wouldn’t want to miss their mouthwatering Parque de Pannacotta. The combination of cream, spinach sable, praline and vanilla beans will satisfy your sweet tooth.


In addition to the tasty food, be sure to try Basque : Bar de Tapas’ special selection of cocktails from the bar. Since Spain is popularly known for its gin and tonic interpretations , the people behind the bar aimed to introduce and educate the Indonesian public about the art of G&T. This can be seen from a serie of creative gin and tonic artistries that combine various herbs, spices and flowers just like how they do it in Spain. These special creations are Basque’s signatures that can’t be found anywhere else. We tried some of their favourites; the refreshing Peach Melloni; the ultra-smooth Lady Wildberry and the very intense bourbon-based Noble House. Each of these drinks offers unique twists to indulge those who have an adventurous palate.


One visit to Basque : Bar de Tapas may not be enough as you will want to explore more of what this restaurant has to offer. Rumor has it that they will host an exciting party to celebrate their grand opening this September. Follow their social media to stay in the loop!

Basque: Bar de Tapas
Noble House Jakarta, 8th Floor
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav. E4.2 No.2, South Jakarta
T: (+62-21) 2978 3111-12