The Indonesian Creative Economy Agency BEKRAF will officially fund the country’s artists participating in the prestigious Venice Art Biennale (VAB) 2017, the agency announced during a press conference in October.

BEKRAF Supports Iindonesian Artists At Venice Art Biennale 2017

Taking over for the Ministry of Tourism, BEKRAF is currently helping to set up the Indonesia Pavilion where renowned Indonesian artist Maria Clementine “Tintin” Wulia will hold a solo exhibition from 13 May to 26 November 2017.

While BEKRAF is normally dealing with creative economy issues, the agency is nonetheless determined to boost the popularity of Indonesian artists on a global stage with the hope to raise interest in Indonesian art internationally to eventually find more buyers from abroad to benefit both the artists and the country economically.

“Let our artists express themselves freely so they will inspire others as well as be inspired in the end. Hopefully Indonesia will make a significant impact by joining the Biennale in Italy,” BEKRAF Chairman Triawan Munaf said during the press conference at The Hermitage Hotel in Menteng.

The 57th VAB, or La Biennale de Venezia in Italian, which initially started in 1895, will be joined by hundreds of talented and renowned artists coming from all over the globe including Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, France, and the U.S.