For the most part, Jakarta is hot—very hot. And incredibly humid. But there are those places out there that are fun and enjoyable despite the blazing sun. The follow is a curated list of activities for young people to enjoy – weather permitting, of course.

Kids could exercise their physic by aprticipating in fun activities such as semi outdoor martial arts.

Up close to nature
With its lack of sidewalks and lack of easily accessible green spaces, it’s hard to come by much nature in the city. But there are options, even if limited. Taman Safari Indonesia in Puncak offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in a fresher environmentand enjoy looking at animals in the process! Theres also Fauna Land in Ecopark Ancol for those who might enjoy a bit of walking while looking at nature. Located within reasonable distance from Jakarta a trip to these parks provide a bit of respite from the everyday bustle of Jakarta too.

Outdoor Playgrounds
With there being far more humid, sultry days than mildly pleasant ones in Jakarta, it might seem like a bit of a stretch encouraging outdoor play but there are a few playgrounds in the city that offer a bit of fun in the outdoors – which ensuring that activities take place under plenty of shade and make for a fun time for children. The Playground in Kemang is one such. With a grassy area and trees all around, facilities also include play apparatus and interactive play areas. It also includes a café area with healthy snacks on offer.

The city streets might be a mess of traffic but on a controlled course – with the appropriate gear – children might enjoy bumping into each other as they take a few laps around. It’s the perfect solution to burn off a bit of energy – and not worry about ‘bad’ drivers! Speedy Karting in Semanggi is reasonably priced and provides safety equipment.

City to Stable
Although not traditional, there really is something for everyone in the city and so it goes with horse riding. There are a few high-end riding clubs for equestrian fans but one does need to get out of the city though.

Arthayasa Stables and Country Club has offered horse riding in Jakarta for over 20 years and includes rides as well as lessons. With 14 hectares of green pasture in Depok, just outside the city, this is an exclusive sanctuary away from the urban concrete jungle.

Keeping score
For a bit more high-energy activity there’s junior hockey training for children between the age of 6-12 at International Sports Clubs of Indonesia, a socially-inclined sports club that has been operating for over 20 years. Held on Sundays at the Senayan Sports Complex, the training involves skills practice as well as well as games. Participants need to bring their equipment including safety guards.

Ball and All
Established more than four decades ago by expatriates, the Jakarta Komodos Rugby Football Club (JKRFC) offers men, women and children the opportunity to play the sport. The group offers youth programmes and also participates in several social causes in partnership with an orphanage in the city.

Spinning it
Cricket may once have been relegated to the English and the colonies post-colonialism but in recent years the sport has taken on a large following in Jakarta with the founding of the Jakarta Cricket Association (JCA). With a range of tournaments played, the group is always active. There is also a junior league for children to participate in too.


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