For lovers of French cuisine in Jakarta, the name Bistro Baron surely rings a bell. First opening its doors over five years ago, the restaurant has undergone a big renovation and now returns with various new additions to ensure that its customers can indulge in scrumptious French cuisine in elegant surroundings.

Bistro Baron & Bar Revisited (1)

Situated on the ground floor of Plaza Indonesia extension, it is easy to spot the restaurant, neatly styled in a gorgeous European design. The dominant colours are blue, red and white, bringing out a truly classic French atmosphere. Bistro Baron is divided into different areas; diners may opt to sit on one of the booths available in the corridor-like area or – for a more intimate atmosphere – we suggest choosing the main dining area where you can sit back and relax while enjoying the arousing aromas from the semi-open kitchen. If you yearn for some downtime after work, then head to the new bar that is located on the back of the bistro where you can find a wide selection of drinks, ranging from mocktails, cocktails, and wine to various types of sake to quench your thirst.

Bistro Baron & Bar Revisited (3)

Of course, Bistro Baron & Bar is not only about design and beauty. Chef Herry Adi Nugraha who helms the bistro promises an improved menu, but without forgetting the restaurant’s famous signature dishes. On our recent visit, we were tempted to try an all-time favourite here, Terrine De Foie Gras served with homemade fig chutney and roasted bread. Frankly speaking, the strong flavour of foie gras can be quite challenging for some palates, but I found it amazing; it melted in my mouth nicely without leaving a tangy aftertaste.

Bistro Baron & Bar Revisited (2)

We continued with something heavier; the Classic Beef Rossini, consisting of Black Angus tenderloin served with pan-seared foie gras, brioche, baby vegetables and gratin potato. Again, the foie gras was very flavourful without overpowering the juicy tenderloin while the perigourdine sauce complemented the dish very well. If you’re in the mood for seafood, then opt for their Barramundi en Papillote served with baked potatoes which was equally delicious. After those fulfilling meals, we decided to end our dinner with Green Tea Soufflé served with strawberry sorbet. The soufflé was a perfect combination of sweetness with a hint of bitterness that comes from its matcha powder and the sour sorbet felt just right to cleanse our palate.

Another reason to visit the new Bistro Baron & Bar is that they now also boast DJ performances at the bar area, as the bistro is poised to become a classy new addition to Jakarta’s nightlife scene.

Bistro Baron & Bar
Plaza Indonesia Extension Ground Floor