Following the success of its four outlets in Plaza Senayan, Lippo Mall Puri, Gandaria City and IFI Thamrin, Eric Kayser Le Restaurant Du Boulanger has recently opened its fifth bakery in Plaza Indonesia.

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The French artisan baker, Eric Kayser, is well known for his authentic breads and decadent pastries and cakes, all made from natural leaven that yields rich flavours and aromas. Eric believes that leaven is the key to creating the finest quality breads. Natural leaven allows a natural fermentation process, creating a dough with better texture and a more balanced flavour. Together with his partner in 1994, Patrick Castagna, the French native even founded the Fermentolevain, a smart machine to ensure dough is kept at optimum condition. “I believe that the best breads are made from a bit of flour, water, salt, natural leaven and endless passion to create something outstanding,” said Eric during the launch.

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Eric Kayser Le Restaurant Du Boulanger offers a wide range of dishes; from assorted sandwiches to various beautiful desserts, including the classic croissants and fruit tarts, not to mention delicious brioche loaves that will make you forget about any diet plan.

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