A biennial music and art festival organised by middle and high school students of Binus School Serpong returned with renowned lineups and young talents. 

BYNAMIC Festival 2023 successfully entertained thousands of attendees at Binus School Serpong, on 21 October 2023. Embracing the theme Four Expeditions, this year’s festival was enlivened by a roster of performers including well-known singers and bands such as Afgan, Vira Talisa, Yovie & Nuno, Mario Ginanjar, Puff Punch, and Maliq & D’Essentials. 

The committee, a collective of more than 400 Binusians (fellow Binus School students), showed their capability in managing the festival and generating a colourful ambiance that embraced the joy among the attendees. 

Darlene Christbelle Wijaya, the Chairperson of the BYNAMIC Festival 2023 Committee, emphasised that the selection of performers for this year’s event was carefully curated to ensure enjoyment by individuals of all age groups. This approach aims to make the festival this year a source of entertainment for both the younger generation and the attending parents. Darlene also highlighted that this festival is not just a place for fun but also serves as a platform for students to express themselves and nurture their creative aspirations through artistic means.

“The entire preparation process, from the concept to the conclusion of the event, involved all the students at Binus School Serpong. This provided us with an opportunity to learn about organization and enhance our leadership skills,” Darlene further explained.

In this festival, audiences also enjoyed other exciting experiences, such as Escape Room, Haunted House, Photo Booth, and Memory Harmoni Operational.


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