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Well-known as a traditional Indonesian delicacy that has uniqueness among the fermented soybean-based food, tempeh (pronounced ‘tem-pay’) has gained popularity for its affordability and widespread appeal to people of all backgrounds. This superfood has been hailed as one of the best plant-based foods and is getting recognition across the globe, particularly among European communities. 

In response to the growing popularity of tempeh in Europe, two 10th-grade students of Binus School Simprug, Kenneth William Santoso and Davrell Mylka Jowkins took the chance at the European public at the Ars Electronica Festival 2023 held at Post City Linz in Linz, Austria on 6 to 10 September 2023 to showcase their innovative technology: a Portable Tempeh Making Machine to process soybeans into tempeh. 

Kenneth and Davrell proudly presented the theme “Tempeh Universe: Revealing the Secret of Tempeh – Indonesian Food Heritage and Vegan Life.” They showcased the Portable Tempeh Making Machine and explained with enthusiasm that the concept behind the technology is relatively simple. It involves controlling all stages of tempeh processing, from initial steps such as soybean washing and boiling to the removal of soybeans and hulls.

“The first step of the machine is to soak the soybeans for 6 hours while the machine oscillates back and forth to ensure the separation of the hull from the bean. Secondly, the machine will bring the soybean and water to a boiling temperature. Thirdly, the machine will increase its rotation speed to ensure the absolute separation of the hull from the bean,” said Davrell.

“The machine also adds yeast as a fundamental ingredient in soybean processing into tempeh. The machine’s temperature adapts to room temperature, complete with air circulation to facilitate fermentation. The result of this controlled process is eventually the creation of the tempeh dishes. This machine exercises the entire process from soybean to tempeh offering consumers consistent quality and less work” Kenneth added. 

The Principal of Binus School Simprug, Isaac Koh expressed that every student’s talent and interest should be continuously supported to hone their potential, allowing it to have a positive impact on society. 

“Here, we believe in encouraging students to explore their interests and talents and supporting them with the resources to achieve them at the highest level possible,” Isaac Koh said proudly. 

Kenneth and Davrell presence at this international event was also accompanied by the Binus School Simprug’s teachers, Savita as research mentor, Rinda Hedwig as Research Interest Group Leader, and Marcel Saputra as Research & Development Coordinator from Binus University’s Computer Engineering Department, and Chef Trias Septyoari Putranto. 

“During our exhibition in Austria, the response we received was incredibly enthusiastic. It was evident that many people in Europe were highly interested in this tempeh processing technology, and they also seemed to enjoy dishes made from tempeh,” expressed Savita.

The Indonesian Embassy in Austria also attended and provided support to the Binus School Simprug delegation, which proudly represents Indonesia through their innovative technology. 

The Portable Machine of Tempeh Making is planned to be marketed in non-Asian countries, excluding Japan, with the goal of promoting traditional Indonesian cuisine to the world. 

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