MVB: Introducing Sustainable Business in Indonesia

Sustainability is in the news almost every day and the pressure is growing on companies all over the world to be more ethical in every aspect of business. From production processes and best business practices all the way through to customer service and stakeholder engagement, companies are now expected to behave in more sustainable and

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Indonesia’s Fiscal Year and Outlook

Bank Indonesia recently released a report on the country’s fiscal year 2017 and outlook for this year. These are the key points of the report: Photo courtesy of Pexels/NOW!JAKARTA The global economy recovery continues, as well as being more balanced, accompanied by persistently high commodity prices. Global economic growth in 2017 surpassed the 2016 growth,

New Zealand and Indonesia Celebrate 60 Years of Diplomatic Relations

Beginning with the official recognition of the Republic of Indonesia by New Zealand in 1950, followed by the establishment of a Colombo Plan office in Jakarta in 1957, the diplomatic relations between New Zealand and Indonesia were then made formal in 1958. Since then, bilateral partnership between the two countries has only gotten stronger and

ASEAN Women’s Circle of Jakarta Spring Luncheon

Since its establishment in 1975, the ASEAN Women’s Circle of Jakarta (AWC) has been transforming communities and improving lives. AWC aims to donate money earned from charitable projects and provide funding opportunities for non-profit organisations. In particular the oganisation focuses on groups that address women’s issues and also those that have a focus on children’s

Most valued Business: Collaborate Not Compete!

MVB hosted the first MVB Member Collaboration Meeting for 2018 on 24 April at Raffles Jakarta  which was attended by the latest additions to the MVB family. These included Phapros, Brother Indonesia, Jababeka, Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta, International SOS, Jakarta Land, Bank Permata and TUGU Group. MVB’s Collaboration meetings are about sharing ideas and information among

JFCC Panelist Discuss ‘Indonesia 20 Years After Suharto’

Here have been many discussions about the changes in Indonesia following the fall of former President Suharto and the end of his New Order regime. Indeed there are several positives. The return to democracy with direct presidential and legislative elections as well as regional elections, is one. An expanding middle class and freedom of the

In Decades, Fostering the U.S. – Indonesia Strong Relationship

The United States and Indonesia have had strong relations for decades. The United States has important economic, commercial, and security interests in Indonesia. It remains a linchpin of regional security due to its strategic location astride a number of key international maritime straits, particularly the Malacca Strait. The United States has important economic, commercial, and security

Air Monitoring Company: Jakarta the most polluted city in the world, Bali Not Far Behind

Jakarta’s air quality has reached unhealthy levels, according to a report published by Greenpeace Indonesia. With the number of infrastructure projects and the increase in vehicle emissions, residents have been advised to use face masks when outside. Blue sky rarely appears in Jakarta. Pixabay/NOW!JAKARTA Greenpeace Indonesia, in its report released last week, cited the air

Young Indonesian Talents Orbits Their name in International Stage

Indonesian sports stars have made great strides in recent years. And it appears the creative industry has also had quite a few famous contributions in recent years. We’ve rounded up a few names you might recognise. Iko Uwais, Actor Uwais Qorny, better known as Iko Uwais, went into acting through the movie directed by Gareth

British Embassy Released New Tax Policy for British Citizens based in Indonesia

As part of the British Government’s “Requirement to Correct” legislation, UK taxpayers must make sure that all their foreign income and assets, where there might be tax to pay, have been declared to HMRC before the 30 September 2018. From the 1 October 2018, new, substantially higher penalties will apply for those who have failed

Localising Sustainable Development Goals: MVB at UNDP Symposium

MVB Chairman Alistair Speirs was recently invited to Siam Reap, Cambodia to be part of a major UNDP-China-ASEAN Symposium on Localising Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The objective of the conference was to strengthen the capacities of local governments and other key stakeholders, to increase community engagement and accelerate the implementation of SDG’s at a local

MF-World Bank Meetings Conclude with a Plea to End Tensions

Despite the idyllic setting and notwithstanding recent global growth, the International Monetary Fund-World Bank meetings took place in a context of apprehension, according to published reports. As the Fund’s 2018 World Economic Outlook (WEO) stressed, economic growth has been more uneven than expected. IMF members also pledged to avoid devaluing currencies to seek a trade advantage by

Finnish Trade Delegation  visits Indonesia

Finland sent a major trade delegation to Indonesia in October with some world leading companies in tow. The leader of the delegation was Ms. Anne-Mari Virolainen, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development. Here’s what she had to say about the delegation. Ms. Anne-Mari Virolainen, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development of Finlad visited

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